Research and technology

One step ahead of the future

Research and Technology at ZEISS

ZEISS stands for one thing above anything else: innovation. That's because in a constantly changing world, society's needs also change. The goal is therefore to develop solutions that offer added value, bring benefits – and go beyond the ordinary. This characteristic has made ZEISS a world-leading technology company over the past 175 years. With its technology for manufacturing semiconductors, the company has not only become the heartbeat of digitalization – it also continues to drive it forward.

Dr. Michelangelo Masini

As an important part of the global team ZEISS, we shape future markets through groundbreaking innovations and inspiring solutions. Our ambition is to promote an innovation and process-driven approach at ZEISS.

Dr. Michelangelo Masini

Head of Corporate Research & Technology

Research and development in figures

  • 6,200

    More than 6,200 employees

  • 35

    35 research and development sites

  • 11,300

    Nearly 11,300 patents filed worldwide

  • 15%

    15% of revenues are invested in research and development

Today's challenges – tomorrow's solutions

What determines the world – and how ZEISS responds to it

Global challenges

Challenges shaping our era

It is not only digitalization that is causing the world to change rapidly. Sustainability and health are also shaping our age. ZEISS is proactively addressing these global developments.

Future technologies

Future technologies and applications

Behind every challenge is a path – and a solution. With innovative developments in research fields such as artificial intelligence, advanced materials, automation or optics and photonics, ZEISS empowers people to make the seemingly impossible possible.


Digitalization at ZEISS

Digital transformation

Driver of digital transformation

With its digital solutions, ZEISS is not only advancing the world of optics. The company is also doing pioneering work in the area of digitalization.

Examples from everyday use

Exploring the living cell

The ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 microscopy solution makes it possible for the first time to observe living cells live and in 3D for hours and even days. This opens up new possibilities, for example for cancer research. In 2022, the developers were awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis(German Future Prize).
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