ZEISS Microoptics at CES 2024

Holography for a smarter tomorrow

ZEISS Microoptics at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

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ZEISS Microoptics presents its latest developments in the field of holography at CES 2024 in Las Vegas with the motto "Holography for a smarter tomorrow".

Impressive demonstrators for the automotive, consumer and home tech markets await you at the trade fair. Learn how holography can improve the living environment and everyday life.

9 - 12 January 2024
W306 in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey into the world of holography - we look forward to starting the future with you at CES 2024!

If you would like to see the potential of this groundbreaking technology for yourself, please make an appointment with us in advance by e-mail.

Our highlights at CES

ZEISS launches the age of holography
ZEISS launches the age of holography

ZEISS launches the age of holography

Join us at CES and see the era of holography come to life at ZEISS. Our many years of experience in holography technology, previously used in the aerospace, semiconductor and medical industries, will now be accessible to everyone.

Thanks to continuous innovation, we can present high-end holographic solutions that make driving and everyday life safer, more interactive and more comfortable.

Smart communication with transparent displays
Smart communication with transparent displays

Smart communication & information with transparent displays

ZEISS has succeeded in functionalizing unused transparent surfaces in buildings and cars to project information and entertainment content.

Inside the car, but also in buildings, exciting possibilities for entertainment and information are opening up. Panes can be transparent or used as conventional displays as required.

For example, our holographic solution projects important information directly into the driver's field of view in a car to minimize distraction and protect the lives of passengers. The windscreen becomes a transparent display on which ultra-high precision optics are integrated using holographic processes.

Variable pane darkening and selective filters allow infrared radiation to be controlled, improving not only comfort in terms of temperature regulation, but also energy efficiency in cars and buildings.

Smart detection with an ivisible camera
Smart detection with an ivisible camera

Smart detection with an invisible camera

The technology and quality of our holography solution is so advanced that it can also be used with an image sensor as a camera.

This function can be used, for example, for facial recognition on a transparent glazing in a front door or for driver monitoring in vehicles. This increases comfort and improves safety at the same time.

Clean Design
Clean Design

Clean design with "floating switches"

With ZEISS holography technology, it is possible to display 3D operating elements such as switches or controllers on black panel surfaces holographically. This gives designers completely new freedom in the design of interiors and surfaces. The “floating switches" are only projected out of the surface when they are needed and activated by voice command or gesture control.

Feedback for the user can be audiovisual or ultrasonic.

Smart communication with light
Smart communication with light

Smart communication & individualization with light

Our microoptics and holography enable the design of custom light signatures for personalized lighting moods. The solutions developed by ZEISS allow almost unlimited design freedom for front, rear and brake light signatures.

ZEISS holography technology also makes an important contribution to car-to-x communication, which is becoming increasingly important. Surfaces - side windows or even plastic surfaces - can be used as projection surfaces for a wide variety of information and signaling aimed at both vehicle occupants and other traffic participants.

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Press activities at IAA Mobility 2023

Press activities at CES 2024

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