Spherical optics for high-end applications

Spherical optics for high-end applications Perfect fit up to λ/100 thanks to leading-edge technology

High-precision optical components with complex properties are for instance used for lithography applications or in space. Manufacuring these components requires extensive expertise and a production that is optimized down to the last detail. You will find both at ZEISS. We develop and manufacture high-end optics from 20 mm to 250 mm in diameter, meeting the most stringent requirements for fit, microroughness and cleanliness. Our production network produces components with excellent optical transmission functions – for great results.

  • High-end measurement technology
  • ZEISS technologies
  • Stable series production processes
High-end measurement technology

High-end measurement technology

Our own ZEISS measuring technologies are based on experience and consistent development. On this basis, we measure every optical element up to a diameter of 250 mm in an optimized environment with high-end fitting measurement technology – vibration-isolated and climate-stabilized.

ZEISS technologies

ZEISS technologies

Our offering combines leading-edge technologies in optics with ZEISS' own solutions, embedded in an optimally coordinated process landscape. The manufacturing and testing processes are harmonized from the initial machining, through the entire value chain, to the acceptance measurement.

Stable series production processes

Stable series production processes

As experts in the photonics sector, we have set up our production with stable series production processes – for reliability and maximum performance in terms of material, fit, cleanliness or coating system. Under intensive process engineering at the neuralgic points, these leading-edge technologies bring outstanding results in the production of spherical optics.

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