Ultra-precision machining

Ultra-precision machining Small and high-precision components for medical technology

The demands on the smallest components are particularly high in medical technology. Here, intricate contours and high levels of accuracy are required – as in the production of invasive components. Examples include connecting elements that are used between cannulas in the body and an external supply unit. The challenge here is to minimize the edge radius on the contact surfaces to prevent injuries during joining. Other high-tech components from our production network are also particularly well tolerated in medical products.

  • Use in medical technology
  • Complex geometries with minimum installation space
  • Production of prototypes and equipment
  • Material traceability for each component
Use in medical technology

Use in medical technology

For use in medical technology, we use materials such as titanium aluminum, which is particularly suitable in terms of blood compatibility. We can produce a surface roughness of Ra < 0.01 directly in the manufacturing process. An optimal process design minimizes the manual polishing effort.

Complex geometries with minimum installation space

Complex geometries with minimum installation space

Where installation space is physically limited, complex geometries and freeform surfaces are required. In doing so, we can realize tolerances up to IT2 using a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

Our offer for ultra-precision machining

  • Production of intricate contour elements
  • Low surface roughness up to Ra 0.01
  • Machinery and measuring equipment in climate-controlled, vibration-optimized rooms
  • Machining of a wide variety of materials under the highest accuracy requirements
ZEISS Prototyping

Production of prototypes and equipment

Do you need a prototype for your individual parts, assemblies or modules? We manufacture according to customer specifications and also design tools, fixtures, alignment and inspection equipment for mechanical and optical production. We can simulate or compute specific properties in advance on request.

Our services

  • Design, development and production of equipment
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Computer-aided functional simulation and assessment of manufacturability
  • Procurement of raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Flexible 5-axis CNC manufacturing technology – even for special materials such as magnesium or titanium
  • 3D coordinate measurement technology and optical test equipment for the documentation of your quality specifications
Material traceability for each component

Material traceability for each component

Every component we produce is fully   traceable  by distinctive labeling.  

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