High-quality, powder-coated individual parts

Precision mechanics with robust surfaces High-quality, powder-coated individual parts

Components with a powder coating are extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. We are able to process powder coated components in such a way that time-consuming pre- and post-processing operations such as masking are no longer necessary. This results in higher quality at lower manufacturing costs.

  • Damage-free clamping technology
  • Own equipment and tool construction
  • High depth of production
Milling clamping device

Damage-free clamping technology

In order not to cause damage to the coated surfaces during machining, we design special clamping equipment. This allows us to distribute the clamping forces in such a way that the workpiece is held securely and the paint   is not damaged.

Equipment for tools in prototyping

Own equipment construction

We manufacture all the necessary jigs and tools ourselves. Our equipment design department has extensive experience.

Individual part in the equipment

High depth of production

We offer all the necessary processes such as turning, milling, pre-treatment of individual parts as well as painting and many other processes from a single source. This high depth of production and the great networking of all processes leads to short throughput times and optimized costs for our customers.

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