Flat optics and high-precision cement groups

Optical assemblies and flat optics Components and assemblies with optical functions

We manufacture optical assemblies with complex optical properties for you – with the highest transmission. That is why we have a large selection of materials and a wide range of coating systems at our disposal. With modular production chains at the highest technical level and powerful measurement technology – in the in-house test center, with ZEISS your optics project is in the best hands from the idea to implementation.

  • Modular production
  • Maximum transmission
  • Individual optical assemblies
Modular production

Modular production

Each individual part and each optical assembly is manufactured by us in specially coordinated processes. Depending on the task, we put together the necessary work steps in a modular manner and gear the production process entirely to the desired result.

Maximum transmission

Maximum transmission

Even with multiple media transitions in optical assemblies, we find the right solution that ensures the best beam passage. In this way, we reduce stray light and achieve the highest transmission for components such as deflection prisms, beam traps, projection solutions, beam splitters and much more through our machining.

Individual optical coatings and designs

Individual optical assemblies

We also adjust the properties of the cement individually for each component. For this purpose, we combine flat optical and spherical as well as aspherical components with specific cements to form subgroups with multiple optical functions. In this way, we achieve an optimal beam path with maximum performance for each assembly.


Length tolerance


Angular tolerance

±0.5 arc seconds


±0.1 arc seconds

Surface accuracy (pv)


Optical flats and prisms

Optical flats

Up to 400 mm edge length


Up to 200 mm edge length


Low-disturbance surface and low depth damage

Prism groups


Up to 0.6 arc minutes


Up to 6 arc seconds


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