Front lenses with high aperture

Front lenses with high aperture Highly curved lenses for large aperture angles up to 178°

High-quality and precise lenses are required – especially in microscopy – in order to obtain maximum image information. This is not the only area where ZEISS products have been setting new standards for over 170 years. A key detail here is the front lens, which is only a few millimeters in size. Thanks to a manufacturing process that has been specialized over decades, we can produce these special lenses sharp-edged with an aperture angle of up to 178°. In doing so, we are always adapting our production techniques to new possibilities in order to refine the result further and further.

  • Lens radii down to -0.5 mm
  • Center thickness tolerance +/- 0.002 mm
  • In-house tool and special machine construction
Radius production from 0.5 mm

Radius production down to -0.5 mm

With front lenses for immersion objectives in particular, the principle of mother and daughter spheres is used. For this purpose, radii down to a minimum size of -0.5 mm are produced and cemented with corresponding filling spheres. Polishing, cementing and handling these intricate optics requires highly qualified employees and a lot of expertise.

Center thickness tolerance +/- 0.002 mm

Center thickness tolerance +/- 0.002 mm

The art of achieving these accuracies lies in the gradation of the individual work steps from pre-grinding to fine grinding and polishing. This requires precise coordination between the grain sizes of the diamond tools used and the respective glass type. Here, too, we benefit from our experience in the microscopy field.

In-house tool and special machine construction

In-house tool and special machine construction

The smallest grinding and polishing tools are required for the production of the front lenses. We manufacture both these tools and the polishing machines ourselves – including the corresponding adjusting and measuring devices.


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