Milling of magnesium

Milling of magnesium Extremely lightweight and stable components

Weight is of increasing significance in many assemblies and devices. The aim here is to make handling easier and also to improve the functionality. Magnesium is in demand here as a particularly lightweight and stable material. Its own low weight ensures that wearing parts such as swiveling axles are protected, thus increasing the service life of the product. Our high-performance CNC machining centers comply with strict fire safety regulations and are suitable for the production of high-tech magnesium components. But we also give aluminum, steel, non-ferrous metal and plastic precise geometries.

  • High strength with low weight
  • Safe machining on account of high standards
  • Economical manufacturing through automation
High strength with low weight

High strength with low weight

Compared with aluminum and other materials, magnesium components have clear advantages: they are one-third lighter, have higher strength and good vibration damping.

Machining under high safety standards

Safe machining on account of high standards

Machining lightweight materials such as magnesium requires special expertise and appropriate machine equipment. We are able to process these materials to tolerances of up to IT 6 while adhering to strict safety standards.

Challenge of magnesium chips
Only a few suppliers offer magnesium machining because it is associated with a high risk potential. During machining, magnesium chips can easily ignite due to flying sparks and subsequently burn at high temperatures. In order to be able to respond to this in the event of an emergency, we have appropriate extinguishing equipment with emergency circuits.

Economical manufacturing through automation

Economical manufacturing through automation

Our high-performance CNC machining centers enable the cutting of highly-stable steels, magnesium, plastics and ceramics. As a result of our many years of experience, we can also offer cost-effective automated production for the machining of magnesium components.


Our services

- Simultaneous milling on flexible CNC machining centers with up to 5 axes

- CNC machining with magnesium fire safety kit

- HSC machining for individual parts with a spindle rotation speed of up to 60,000 rpm

- Manufacturing with minimal setup work

- Use of highly-flexible zero point clamping systems

-  ZEISS Prismo VAST coordinate measurement technology with Calypso software for quality assurance

We machine

- Special metals (e.g. titanium)

- Magnesium

- Aluminum and its alloys

- Steel

- Non-ferrous metal

- Plastics


Achievable form and position tolerances


Workpiece dimensions

300mm x 300mm x 350mm

Manufacturing process

4-axis milling and 5-axis simultaneous machining

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