Sophisticated, technical and decorative surfaces for your application

Surface finishing Sophisticated, technical and decorative surfaces

In their many areas of application, mechanical components are often exposed to major environmental influences. Now it depends on how resistant their surfaces are: the better the protection, the more durable the component. The higher the quality of the coating, the greater the range of applications.  

We develop the right coating concept for your product that meets the highest expectations for decorative and technical surfaces – regardless of whether it is a single item or series production.


Technology consultation

True to our promise to provide you with leading-edge technology, we are committed to challenging the limits of what is possible on a daily basis. We achieve this through a team of specialists who have years of practical experience, but also feel at home on scientific committees.

Our internal technology consultation service on mechanical surface treatment is supplemented by employees from institutions associated with ZEISS, from scientists such as material specialists, chemists or physicists to practical experts who develop automation solutions or design processes, e.g. with Six Sigma.

Through this combination, we can provide you with a single consultation source which caters to your needs. If our procedures do not achieve exactly what is stipulated in the standard, we will collaborate with you to develop a customized process to meet your requirements.


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Surface finishing process from ZEISS

  • Anodization processes

    With a galvanic or chemical treatment, you increase the durability and resistance of your products. We can tell you which is the right process. Our electroplating department uses ultra-modern machinery and can anodize part sizes up to 1700 mm using various processes.

    • Anodizing product safety process (as per DIN 17611)
    • Bilatal
    • Hard coat anodizing
    • Ematal / ematal, black
    • Anodizing, multicolored
  • Nickel plating process

    Nickel can be used universally in surface finishing and offers a wide range of properties that enhance any workpiece. It increases chemical resistance, protects against corrosion and wear, and increases lubricity – to name a few. We are proficient in all the processes required for this and can advice on the possible applications of nickel coating.

    • Chemically nickel medium phosphor
    • Chemical blackening of nickel medium phosphor
    • Chemically nickel high phosphor
    • Chemically nickel high phosphor plastics and ceramics
    • Gloss nickel
  • Precision cleaning

    By using the latest cleaning processes we fulfill your requirements regarding cleanliness of precision-engineered components. All the cleaning systems we use are optimally matched to precision mechanical component cleanliness. On request, we clean and pack your individual parts in clean rooms up to ISO class 5.

    • Cleaning of workpieces
    • Cyanide electrolytic degreasing
    • Precision cleaning
    • Inner pipe cleaning
    • Teflon degreasing (HFE cleaning)
  • Reprographic and microstructure technology

    You want to have it exactly? Then we will inspire you with our custom manufacturing. We make your individual wishes for sophisticated structures possible.

    • Sputtering technology
    • Electroforming of photolithographic structures (nickel / gold)
    • Anisotropic etching of silicon
    • Mold etching parts from copper alloys and stainless steel materials
  • Printing technology

    Do you need information applied to your workpiece that will last for a long time? Then we will advise you on the appropriate printing technology for fonts or characters.

    • Screen printing
    • Pad printing
  • Painting technology

    Coatings provide the visual finish for any workpiece, but above all they should offer lasting protection: against corrosion, impacts and scratches, but also against chemical environmental influences. In order to ensure that the paint adheres well and has the necessary hardness, we choose the best process for each workpiece. From matte to gloss – according to your wishes.

    • Smooth lacquer
    • Textured lacquer
    • Bonded lacquer / Teflon coating
    • Enameling
    • Antireflective lacquers
  • Mechanical pre-treatment

    Prior to any surface treatment, the workpiece must be prepared in such a way that any further finishing meets a viable base. That is why we grind, blast and polish your workpieces.

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