Optical gratings and spectrometers

Optical gratings, spectrometer modules and spectrometer systems

Innovative solutions for the UV, VIS or IR range

To start with, all you need is an idea. Together we can make it happen. Our optical gratings and spectrometers offer the performance, quality and flexibility to support you in a wide range of industries and applications. From chemistry, laboratory analytics and wastewater treatment to wafer production, color measurement and more – we are here for you.

ZEISS Optische Gitter

Optical gratings

Optical gratings by ZEISS are robust and reliable components for your devices and measuring tasks in the laboratory and for process control. As an OEM partner, we support you in the development of your own spectrometers and reliably manufacture the necessary components over many years. For pulse compression in laser systems or wavelength selections ZEISS offers you its outstanding expertise. As a pioneer in scientific optics and plan your next project with OEM components in ZEISS quality.

ZEISS Spektrometer-Module

Spectrometer modules

Spectrometer modules by ZEISS provide reliable measurements in a split second and are designed for the stresses of process control. This makes them the ideal component for the development of your measuring system in the UV, VIS and NIR range. As an OEM partner, we offer you our expertise in integrating our robust modules into your system: from water analysis to semiconductor production, from color measurement to sorting – all the way to your very own application.

ZEISS Spektrometer-Systeme

Spectrometer systems

ZEISS spectrometer systems benefit from our experience in process optimization and in-depth knowledge of your sophisticated measurement tasks. Whether patented measuring systems for large-area coating or integrated solutions for the food industry and agriculture – we take care of process and quality control and ensure more resource efficiency in the laboratory, on the production line or in the field.


  • ZEISS AURA® handheld NIR

    Flyer for ZEISS AURA® handheld NIR

    Pages: 1
    File size: 2 MB
  • Corona® extreme from ZEISS

    The most dependable results in the most demanding conditions

    Pages: 9
    File size: 3 MB
  • Corona® process from ZEISS

    The new ZEISS spectrometer system for the Food Industry

    Pages: 9
    File size: 3 MB
  • ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

    ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

    Pages: 54
    File size: 40 MB
  • ZEISS Spectrometer Modules

    Compendium of products, electronic components and software solutions

    Pages: 27
    File size: 2 MB

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