Optical standard coatings and individual solutions

Optical coatings

Optical standard coatings and individual solutions

Our series production reliably guarantees the requirements of the highest specifications of optical coatings and the associated precision demands. Our high-end coating systems are manufactured using modern processes which are subject to continuous further development and optimization. This ensures that our customers have the technological edge in the market.

Innovative high-end coatings

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  • >250

    ZEISS standard coatings

  • DUV

    - NIR spectral range

  • ≤ 950

    mm substrate diameter

We offer

Our optics expertise for best performance

  • Development of high-end coatings

    We realize high-quality coatings. In advance, we simulate and optimize the coating process, including the coating properties, in order to achieve an optimal result: from the coating thickness distribution to the coating stress to the scattered light.

  • ZEISS standard coatings

    Our standard range includes more than 250 optical coatings. Whether filters, beam splitters, mirrors or antireflection coatings – we coat a wide variety of optical surfaces with different geometries and dimensions.

Our services

Discover the ZEISS solution

  • Circular variable filter

    High-end optical filters and beam splitters for flat optics

    Filters and  beam splitters are essential components of high-quality optical components. From fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy to use in medical devices, they are used in many fields – with functions that are always unique.

  • Coated optical components

    Optics surfaces with optimized properties

    Reducing the reflections that occur at surfaces is a key issue in optics. Since its invention at ZEISS, the anti-reflective coating of optical components has played a crucial role.

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