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  • Fast performance
  • Multiple procedure options
  • Comfortable surgical experience
  • Digitally connected workflow

Fast performance

Gain confidence in your workflow

VISUMAX® 800 from ZEISS offers reduced laser time in comparison to its predecessors, faster cut speeds, and intelligent assistant systems that help you enhancing control during your procedures.

Increased laser frequency for faster cut speeds

The improved laser pulse repetition rate of 2 MHz, combined with a high-performance laser scanning system, makes it possible to create a lenticule in less than 10 seconds1 and a flap incision in around 5 seconds2.

With a faster laser speed, a shorter suction time is expected, which can increase your peace of mind and reduce stress for you and your patients during the treatment.

The biggest advantage, I think, is the laser time - 10 seconds1. It's unbelievable. For us, the surgeons, and also for the patients. By the time I start talking, it's done. Brilliant.

Rainer Wiltfang, MD

SMILE Eyes Augenklinik, Munich Airport, Munich, Germany

Intelligent assistant systems

Enhance control during your procedures

With ZEISS VISUMAX 800 you also benefit from a smart and computer-assisted cyclotorsion and centration aid, which can bring more precision and control to your procedures.

OcuLign: easy cyclotorsion alignment

The intuitive OcuLign® pattern rotation system offers a new experience with cyclotorsion alignment. By automatically recalculating the treatment pattern, it helps to counter any cyclotorsion that may occur.

CentraLign: little effort during centration

The CentraLign® assistant system is a computer-controlled function for easy centration. It uses the pupil center and vertex position, giving you full control of centration already during the docking phase. And because the centering of the eye is assisted before docking, it enables a smooth docking process.

One laser. Many opportunities

Applications at a glance

You can perform a variety of refractive procedures with a single device, bringing versatility to your practice and reducing the need for different lasers.

Comfortable surgical experience For you and your patients

Comfortable surgical experience

For you and your patients

Designed with an ergonomic concept optimized for surgeon-patient interaction, the ZEISS VISUMAX 800 helps create a seamless and comfortable experience.

Its modern look contributes to an atmosphere of confidence and trust, while the award-winning user interface design makes interaction intuitive and efficient.

Integrated surgical microscope

Integrated surgical microscope

with ZEISS quality optics

As part of the ZEISS VISUMAX 800, the OPMI surgical microscope contributes to precise visual control during manual surgical manipulation of the cornea.

It offers five levels of magnification, integrated slit illumination with two different slit widths for quick checks and includes a digital video camera for recording surgical procedures.

  • Easy patient access

    with comfort and control

    While the patient lies on the patient support system, you have full control over the position of the device. Without the need to move the patient, either the laser arm or OPMI arm can be easily brought into the working position for surgery.

  • Tracking distances

    positioning made easy

    Ultrasound sensors assist in actuating the laser arms while integrated top-view, side-view, and therapy cameras allow you to ergonomically observe the surgical environment between the device and patient.

    Additionally, height tracking assists suction stability by tracking the device head relative to the patient’s eye during laser treatment.

  • Highlight your practice

    with customized laser arm illumination

    Whether you want to match the device to your clinic’s corporate identity or give patients a choice that provides them a better visual comfort, you can choose from eight different illumination colors for the laser arm.

  • Interact with the device

    Interact with the device

    simply and efficiently

    ZEISS VISUMAX 800 features an award-winner user interface design which is intuitive, easy, and helps the surgeon and assistant through every step of the procedure.

ZEISS VISUMAX 800 at a glance

  • Increasing Surgical Workflow Efficiency

  • Product introduction

  • The next generation femtosecond SMILE machine

  • First-hand experience

Digitally connected workflow

Take advantage of streamlined data management

The ZEISS VISUMAX 800 connects seamlessly with different products and solutions from ZEISS. Reliable integration can help you achieve faster procedures and more efficiency in a streamlined workflow while also offering support to reduce sources of error.

  • ZEISS Refractive Workplace

    ZEISS Refractive Workplace

    Easily manage, evaluate, store and transfer data
    ZEISS VISUMAX 800 connects to the powerful Refractive Workplace® software3, via the FORUM® data management solution from ZEISS. Before and after laser vision correction treatments, all relevant operating procedure documentation, including all videos, is assigned to each respective patient, and stored after confirmation in ZEISS FORUM. You can streamline your workflow and carry out patient data management and treatment planning from anywhere in your clinic. Additionally, you get support in reducing the amount of administrative tasks performed in the OR.



    VISULYZE® from ZEISS provides a clear overview of your clinical results and generates nomograms customized to each user with a simple and intuitive interface .

    After generating and analyzing your nomograms, you can use this data to optimize your patient results and generally improve your outcome predictability

One connected workflow – from start to finish

The new ZEISS Corneal Refractive Workflow

Streamline your refractive workflow with a digital connected infrastructure and improve efficiency with the right solution for any eligible patient.


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  • 1

    Data on file, myopia with optical zone 6.5 mm

  • 2

    Data on file, flap diameter ≤ 8.0 mm, spot distance 4.5 µm, track distance 2.0 µm

  • 3

    Refractive Workplace is available in the USA as a software classified as a non-medical device.

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    VISULYZE is available in the USA as a software classified as a non-medical device.