Workflow-Enhancing Visualization

During advanced surgical interventions and post-procedure workflows, the Advanced Visualization System TIVATO® 700 from ZEISS is your intelligent partner that enhances all-around performance when it is needed most.

Bilateral decompression performed using ZEISS TIVATO 700.

Prof. Dr. Luca Papavero Schoen Clinics Hamburg, Germany

Start the video1 and register to see a microsurgical bilateral decompression on a 73-year old male patient.

  • Experience the brilliant apochromatic optics from ZEISS with enhanced depth of field to work in focus in deep cavities.


  • Visualize the procedure in 4K to foster cooperation in the surgical team.

  • Choose between TriLED or Xenon light2 source for reliable & powerful illumination within deep channels.


ZEISS TIVATO 700 4K Visualization

4K Visualization

Inside the OR, the large external monitor allows for easy viewing by your entire team. Broadcast the procedure in brilliant detail using the integrated 4K camera technology every step of the way. Share and visualize these moments in 4K quality with your team, students and guests for more involvement of the whole OR.

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Ultimate Reach & Flexibility

Ultimate Reach & Flexibility gives you and your team the freedom to handle every OR situation with confidence.

Discover our interactive demo and find out.

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Go All-Digital with an easy-to-use and future-ready platform for a seamless entry into the world of fully connected visualization systems.

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Your digital workflow

ZEISS TIVATO 700 comes with a full connectivity package

Manage surgical data digitally with ZEISS Connect App and dedicated functionalities to integrate into your existing hospital IT infrastructure. ZEISS Observe App enables streaming in real-time on a mobile device and ZEISS VR ONE Plus glasses.

Download ZEISS apps on the App Store.

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  • 1

    Application image and video courtesy of Prof. Dr. Luca Papavero from Schoen Clinics, Munich, Germany

  • 2

    ZEISS TIVATO can be configured with one light source (Xenon or TriLED).

  • 3

    Image on TIVATO screen: Application image courtesy of Dr. Andreas Korge from Schoen Clinics, Munich, Germany