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Combinable functionalities Transparent high-performance systems from ZEISS

Our patented technology portfolio enables the machining of translucent components into microstructured surfaces. Applications such as gesture recognition, eye tracking, projections and others can be developed without visible optical systems. Four crucial functionalities can be integrated individually or in any combination into all transparent surfaces. Your visions become reality with ZEISS.

  • Declinable projection
  • Compact lighting
  • Multiple detection
  • Multispectral filters
Projection planes – in front of, in or behind transparent surfaces

Declinable projection planes

The processes developed and patented at ZEISS for creating and reconstructing micro-optical and holographic optical elements enable a transparent projection function for integration into transparent surfaces. Depending on the use and specification of the hologram, the location of the holographic light distribution can be in front of, behind or in the plane of the light emitting element. Our patented processes allow for the most efficient distribution of light to any plane, while the surface remains completely transparent.

Light emitting, transparent surfaces

Compact lighting systems

Our transparent micro-optical and holographic optical structures allow light shaping and guiding in very confined spaces, creating very compact, transparent lighting systems. They open up new and innovative possibilities for the design of, for example, holographic lighting systems in the home tech and automotive sectors, or in electronic consumer goods.

Numerous detection options of transparent surfaces

Multiple detection

The transparent sensor function based on our micro-optical and holographic elements enables a variety of innovations for detection in the visible and invisible radiation spectrum. Possible areas of application include systems for distance measurement or contactless control of operating elements. In combination with the transparent lighting function of our technology platform, new, ergonomic and innovative AR operating concepts are possible.

Filter functions with a wide spectrum

Multispectral filters

The transparent filter function is another versatile option for the micro-optical and holographic optical structure technology developed by ZEISS in transparent surfaces. The implementation of filter functions for the glazing of the own four walls or in the vehicle, up to highly developed selective and sensitive sensor systems is possible. Spectral filtering tailored to the application can be implemented, for example, to suppress scattered radiation using the very narrowband filter.

Increasing the range of ToF sensors reduces the energy requirements of the sensor system. This is just one of the positive effects of many different possibilities of our patented technology.


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