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Microscope lenses with highest resolution Motorized correction of spherical aberration

Maximum aperture angles enable maximum resolution, but also require special skills. With the adjustment processes developed by ZEISS for optical systems, we are able to combine high-precision optics and precise mechanics in high-performance lenses.

One example of this is the motorized correction of spherical aberration, which changes depending on the focal position within the specimen and affects the imaging quality. The correction is achieved by movable optical components that follow a lens-specific calibration curve. Supplemented with the appropriate firmware, the objective becomes a high-end imaging system.

Minimal aberration

Minimal aberration

To obtain the best imaging results, optical elements must be manufactured and adjusted with high precision. For this purpose, we use state-of-the-art technology as well as high-precision alignment-turned barrel groups. By keeping the components in their exact position, we achieve reproducible positioning accuracy.

ZEISS lens with electrical connections

Highly integrated compact modules

In our objective production, we combine optics, mechanics and electronics into highly integrated and compact modules – even in the smallest installation space. The result is self-contained modules that can be easily changed in a plug-and-play process.

Development of individual firmware

Development of individual firmware

At ZEISS, we develop the firmware for our motorized objectives on a customized basis for the functions required in each case. In the case of microscope lenses, it is used to create individual calibration curves. This provides automated correction of spherical aberration depending on the focal position.


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