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Register now for ZEISS ENT Insights – our peer insights hub providing clinical experiences from ENT surgeons for ENT surgeons. Two renown peers open the doors to their hospitals to demonstrate:

  • how to master complex revision stapedotomy, and 
  • how to leverage the latest visualization technologies – from tonsillectomies to cochlear implants.

Explore various clinical insights formats such as videos, case reports and clinical deep dive videos.

Mary Daval, MD
Mary Daval, MD Clinical Insights: Revision stapes surgery for complex otosclerosis

ENT Surgeon

Deputy Head of ENT Department

Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild,

Paris, France

Leonel Luís, MD
Leonel Luís, MD Technological Insights: From tonsillectomies to cochlear implants – digital hybrid visualization in ENT surgery

Director Otorhinolaryngology  
Deputy Clinical – Surgical Specialties  
Hospital de Santa Maria
Lisbon, Portugal

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