ZEISS IOL and OVD Portfolio

Developed to meet patients' needs and surgeons' preferences

Innovation and precision combined to provide you with a range of cataract consumables and cataract implants for your monofocal, toric and refractive cataract surgery.

The ZEISS IOL and OVD portfolio at a glance

ZEISS Monofocal IOLs

The ZEISS monofocal portfolio embraces ZEISS optical heritage with 4 different monofocal optical concepts. The diverse range of lens materials and shapes supports individual surgeon preferences. The IOLs are complemented by a selection of easy-to-use preloaded injector systems.


With one of the broadest toric IOL ranges on the market, the ZEISS toric portfolio enables precise selection of the most suitable IOL from approximately 2000 options with 0.5D increment steps and up to 12D in cylinder. The IOLs feature a 4-haptic design for proven rotational stability.


The ZEISS EDoF IOL is the latest addition to the leading IOL portfolio from ZEISS. Designed to offer a wide range of focus with excellent vision from afar through intermediate distances, an EDoF IOL combines the best of both worlds: a high spectacle independence and reduced visual side effects such as halo and glare.

Review AT LARA Whitepaper showing clinical study results on visual side effects.

ZEISS Trifocal IOLs

Thanks to their optical design with multiple focus points, ZEISS multifocal lOLs can restore visual function at all distances. ZEISS trifocal IOLs offer excellent quality of vision for near, intermediate and far distances, and ZEISS bifocal IOLs provide great visual acuity at both near and far distances. Patients enjoy high spectacle independence, leading to a better quality of life.


NEW OPHTHALIN® from ZEISS provides high clarity for an unobstructed view of the surgical field. Its high viscosity ensures stability and depth of the anterior chamber for minimized interaction between tissues during surgical manipulation, protecting corneal endothelial cells and other intraocular tissues.

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