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Listen to the voices of your peers that share their experiences with ZEISS QUATERA 700.

ZEISS patented QUATTRO Pump

This new technology allows a synchronized infusion and aspiration change in real time. It actively compensates for incision leakage with the QUATTRO Pump maintaining an extremely stable chamber when occlusion is detected. The result is an exceptional level of chamber stability, virtually eliminating post occlusion surge, regardless of aspiration settings and independent of IOP levels.

Digitally integrated surgical workflow

No longer have to switch between multiple user interfaces and parameters or different setups. With one surgical view everyone in the OR gets the same view as the surgeon. One sterile cockpit combines ZEISS CALLISTO eye workflow and phaco steps in one workflow. And one data access integrates patient data from ZEISS IOLMaster and ZEISS FORUM to take advantage of paperless timeout checks having all relevant data at hand.

Automated Ultrasound Power on Demand

Power on Demand is an ultrasound management technology that automatically (de)activates ultrasound only when needed – upon occlusion.


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