What‘s next to come?

Major trends in spine surgery.​

The world is changing.​

And so are your challenges.​

Every change opens a chapter full of new opportunities. All we need is to be open-minded and to confidently take on new challenges. This also applies to you in spine surgery. Thanks to modern medicine, treatment methods, and technologies, the average life expectancy has been steadily increasing1. People are getting older and older. Obviously, this is good news, but it also comes with great challenges – especially in the OR. ​

What challenges are you going to face when open surgery comes with too big of a risk for patients? When the expectations of healthcare providers and patients increase according to evolving state-of-the-art technologies and methods? When today’s OR and recovery times no longer meet tomorrow’s standards?​

Whatever comes next, one thing remains certain: By being your partner, we are going to support you in your ambitions all along the way. That’s why we’ve asked renowned spine surgeons to share with you some professional insights and to identify the next big trends in spine surgery.

Explore the next game-changing trends​

Read the interview with Dr. Radcliff and Dr. Rajasekaran

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