On-demand webinar

Interceptive and selective treatment of tooth wear: a conceptual and clinical update for the use of no-prep direct adhesive techniques

Webinar recorded at ZEISS Dental Week 2021

3 May 2021 · 39 min watch
Author Dr. Didier Dietschi, DMD, PhD Privat Docent Geneva, Switzerland

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on interceptive and selective treatment of tooth wear

In the webinar, Dr. Didier Dietschi will discuss about the global approach to the treatment of tooth wear, management of the vertical dimension of occlusion and occlusal positions and direct interceptive treatment methods using no-prep adhesive protocols and composite.

Erosion, awake, and sleep bruxism are widely spread disorders inducing attrition and erosion alongside with a detrimental impact on esthetics. The growing incidence of these pathologies mandates early diagnosis so that proper preventive or at least interceptive measures are taken. New scientific and clinical evidence supports the application of risk factor-oriented clinical approach to treat various forms of tooth wear. The program will particularly focus on interceptive treatment strategies based on “no-prep” or ultra-conservative adhesive techniques, having great potential for treating most of our patients before they reach more severe tissue loss.

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