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Microdentistry in daily restorative practice

6 October 2022 · 77 min watch
José Roberto Moura Junior, DDS, MS, Taubate, Brazil
Author Dr. José Roberto Moura Junior DDS, MS, Taubate, Brazil

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on microdentistry in daily restorative practice

The level of precision that we need today in order to get the most out of the latest restorative techniques is impossible to reach with the naked eye.
In this presentation we take a comprehensive look at the decisive role high magnification and, in particular, the operative microscope (OM) play in achieving longevity and the best esthetic and functional results in everyday restorative practice.

The presentation shows that the OM can be harnessed for more than just restorative procedures: With proper equipment, instruments, positions and training, it improves productivity, communication with the patient, predictability and provide a higher quality of treatment because the OM enables magnification with greater versatility in image resolution, excellent visualization of the working field with the best lighting possible and the best working posture. Microscopes play a vital role in enhancing visibility for accurate diagnosis, tooth preparation, material placement, and finishing as well as other restorative procedures.

Contrary to what many dentists think, the OM is not just for specialists (endodontics, for example). Those who can actually benefit most from it are general practitioners, as long as they incorporate this technology into their practice until it becomes routine for all procedures so that they will become more accurate, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

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