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Microscopic approach of an indirect restoration

16 March 2022 · 32 min watch
Ariel Savion D.M.D, LL.B, M.Sc, I.C.O.
Author Ariel Savion D.M.D, LL.B, M.Sc, I.C.O.I Rishon LeZion, Israel

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on a microscopic approach of an indirect restoration

Microscopic dentistry in conservative and innovative dentistry has become an essential tool in daily practice. This approach will change our professional life for the better and improve the lives of our patients. The microscope is now recognized as an essential element in a dentist’s daily armamentarium.

The microscope is particularly useful for examining the external surface of the tooth. Caries can be identified in areas that are difficult to see without magnification and illumination. Vertical and horizontal cracks, root fractures and external root resorptions are more easily identified with a microscope, especially with Augmented Visualization of ZEISS EXTARO 300.


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