On-demand webinar

Clinical results of the TARGIT-A long-term study

13 November 2020 · 51 min watch
Author Prof. Jayant Vaidya Professor of Surgery and Oncology, Consultant Surgeon at the University College London (UK) and Chief Principal Investigator of the TARGIT-A study

Chief principal investigator talking about the clinical results of the TARGIT-A long-term study

In this recorded clinical webinar Prof. Jayant Vaidya is presenting the recently published 8.6 years results of the TARGIT-A study on breast cancer from his perspective as chief principal investigator of the TARGIT-A study and Professor of Surgery and Oncology. His talk will focus on the clinical results including background and update of the TARGIT-A long-term study, followed by a panel discussion together with Prof. Jeffrey Tobias and Prof. Max Bulsara.

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