OCT Interpretation: A specialist’s guide to optimizing the most frequently used imaging modality in ophthalmology

8 June 2020 · 30 min read
Author Darrin A. Landry, CRA, OCT-O Ophthalmic Consultant, Eyecare Medical Group, USA
Author Eric W. Schneider, MD Tennessee Retina, USA
Author Peter A. Karth, MD, MBA Oregon Eye Consultants, USA
Author Srinivas R. Sadda, MD Doheny Eye Institute, USA
Author Christina Y. Weng, MD, MBA Baylor College of Medicen

How to optimize the use of OCT in your retina practice?

This supplement originally published in Retinal Physician discusses OCT interpretation and optimization for the management of a range of conditions, along with providing insight into important imaging tips and tricks and technologies that help with improving practice efficiency.

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