Expert discussion

OCT prioritization post-COVID-19

10 June 2020 · 50 min watch
Author Ike Ahmed, MD Prism Eye Institute, Canada
Author Matt Schlenker, MD Kensington Eye Institute, Canada

OCT utilization and prioritization for glaucoma management post-COVID-19

This timely discussion features experts, Ike Ahmed, MD and Matt Schlenker, MD, who share their ideas on how best to manage glaucoma patients and prioritize OCT post COVID-19. During these times, when a backlog of patients are allowed to return to the practice for in-person consultations/exams, they suggest to consider 4 things:

  • How to assess glaucoma patients with teleophthalmology
  • Understand the most efficient ways of assessment using imaging, while considering structure-function correlation
  • Leverage single printouts for disease evaluation and artifact identification
  • The value of progression analysis post-COVID-19

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