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Using OCT before and after cataract surgery: what, why and how?

Prominent surgeons discuss how and why they use OCT exams for pre- and post-operative testing for cataract surgery.

22 September 2019 · 26 min watch
Author Eric Donnenfeld, MD
Author Jeffrey Heier, MD
Author John Hovanesian
Author Ashley Brissette, MD

The importance of pre- and post-op assessment for cataract surgeons

When patients choose cataract surgery, it's often their expectation that a perfect 20/20 result will follow. Though this is often the case, it's the patient who comes in masking underlying conditions who may be left disappointed. With OCT as part of the pre-op screening, there's nothing left to chance.

Listen to four leading cataract surgeons discuss the many reasons they prefer to make OCT a compulsory part of their cataract practice.

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