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Roadmap to resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic

28 October 2020 · 56 min watch
Author Dr. Sachin Gupta Founder of Salus Healthcare Resources
Author Dr. R. Yeoh Co-Founder and Director of Eye & Retina Surgeons
Author Dr. G. Seng Khoo APAC Advisor for Kamakura Corporation
Author Dr. D. Breyer CEO of Breyer, Kaymak, and Klabe Eye Surgery Clinic

Challenges in business activities during and after pandemic

Our panelists from across the globe join us for a conversation on the impacts of this pandemic on the refractive industry, our patients, and our practices. Most importantly, they answer the question that we are all pondering upon: How to build a practice that transcends the weather?

  • The speakers have a contractual or other financial relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec AG and its affiliates and have received financial support.

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