Lumbar spinal stenosis

9 September 2019 · 5 min watch
Author Dr. Tetsuya Urasaki Chutoen Hospital, Kakegawa, Japan

The case performed by Dr. Tetsuya Urasaki details the benefit of minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is a highly precise procedure for the treatment of various spinal diseases. See for yourself how this technique improves patient outcomes and enables new standards in patient care1. Dr. Tetsuya Urasaki performs a lumbar spinal stenosis with OPMI® VARIO 700 from ZEISS.

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    "The Spine Journal: Minimally invasive transformal, thoracic microscopic discectomy: technical report and preliminary results and complications." written by Gilad J. Regev, Khalil Salame, Eyal Behrbalk, Ory Keynan, Zvi Lidar