Online Conference

JFX Adopters Meeting

7th of December 2022


JavaFX - a next-generation client application platform for desktop, mobile and embedded systems built on Java, is now fully open-sourced and detached from the Java SE Development Kit 11. Individuals and companies alike can now join the community and drive the future of JavaFX, enjoying long-running, efficient and modern applications.

We will be hosting a JFX Adopters Meeting on  7th of December 2022 to exchange information on current projects and future plans. Representatives of the JavaFX ‘ecosystem’ will also be there to help develop a viable picture of JavaFX.

The success of future developments depends on the contribution of adopter companies making our community stronger. The meeting will take place online.

Target audience:
Management, Architects, Developers


10:00 am | 15 min.


Mathias Nickl, Christian Heilmann

10:15 am | 60 min.

JavaFX 19 / 20-ea-builds

Wolfgang Weigend

11:15 am | 45 min.

The Future of Big-Screen Apps

Mike Hearn

12:00 am | 30 min.

Accessible Textsystem bk.text

Falk Tengler

12:30 pm | 30 min.


1:00 pm | 30 min.

Automotive HMI prototypes with JavaFX

Jens Ehrke

1:30 pm | 30 min.

JavaFX Real World Applications & Showcases

Christian Heilmann & All

2:00 pm | 15 min.

Skalierbare Tabellenverarbeitung

Vasily Smeltsov

2:15 pm | 20 min.

JavaFX Community Contributions


2:35 pm | 20 min.

QFS Development with JavaFX and Distribution

Gregor Schmidt

2:55 pm | 5 min.

Wrap up

Christian Heilmann

3:00 pm | 30 min.

Visualizing Brain Computer Interface Data using JavaFX

Sean Phillips

3:30 pm



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