On site in-person event

JFX Adopters Meeting

6th of March 2024


JavaFX - a next-generation client application platform for desktop, mobile and embedded systems built on Java, is now fully open-sourced and detached from the Java SE Development Kit 11. Individuals and companies alike can now join the community and drive the future of JavaFX, enjoying long-running, efficient and modern applications.

We will be hosting a JFX Adopters Meeting on 6th of March 2024 to exchange information on current projects and future plans. Representatives of the JavaFX ‘ecosystem’ will also be there to help develop a viable picture of JavaFX.

The success of future developments depends on the contribution of adopter companies making our community stronger. After our long hiatus, the JFX Adopters Meeting will be taking place this time again at our Munich location.

Target audience:
Management, Architects, Developers


10:00 am | 15 min.


Mathias Nickl, Christian Heilmann

10:15 am | 30 min.

JavaFX in the medical business - Decisions today defines tomorrow

Thorsten Stüker

10:45 am | 30 min.

Projects with JavaFX / Introduction


11:15 am | 45 min.

JavaFX - Status and Beyond

Wolfgang Weigend

12:00 pm | 60 min.


1:00 pm | 15 min.

JavaFX Quiz


1:15 pm | 20 min.

JFX Central - Entry for JavaFX Applications

Florian Kirmaier

1:35 pm | 20 min.

How to build eye-catching and smart Websites with JavaFX

Besmir Beqirin

1:55 pm | 20 min.

Table-calculation and Document-processing in JavaFX - Fast and efficient

Vasily Smeltsov

2:15 pm | 20 min.

Users like Google Chrome - enjoy it from JavaFX

Vladyslav Lubenskyi

2:35 pm | 15 min.


2:50 pm | 30 min.

Show Cases & Cars with JavaFX inside

Jens Ehrke

3:20 pm | 20 min.

Swiss Television captioning powered by AI and JavaFX

Juan Martinez

3:40 pm | 20 min.

Business Growth by JavaFX / Updates in recent OF-Test version

Schmidt Gregor

4:00 pm | 30 min.

Coffee break

4:30 pm | 20 min.

Discussion: Technical Potential of JavaFX


4:50 pm | 5 min.

Wrap up

Christian Heilmann

4:55 pm | 55 min.

Lets play together

Frank Delporte, Almas Baimagambetov & All

5:50 pm


optional 6:30 pm

Meet and taste (informal dinner in a restaurant)

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