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KOGENT Surgical Instruments

Conquering electrosurgical challenges

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of non-stick disposable bipolar forceps, disposable lighted suction, and titanium microsurgery instruments.

Our portfolio of microsurgical instruments

MTLawton Copper Disposable Bipolar Forceps

Reshaping hemostatic procedures.

The new generation of bipolar forceps is here. Developed for the highest demands in neurosurgery, the KOGENT MTLawton® introduces disposable bipolar forceps made from a special copper-base alloy. Explore the wide range of resulting benefits for your procedure.

Aluminum disposable bipolar forceps

with different tip styles

The disposable non-stick bipolar forceps developed by KOGENT come with different designs and tip styles to offer neurosurgeons the right instruments for various clinical situations. The special coating of the tips is designed for a precise zone of coagulation.

Spetzler™ Lighted Suction Tube

to scatter light in shadowed areas

Lighted suctions with fiberoptic illumination provide supplementary light when narrow or deep approaches block the microscope’s light path. Connects to a multitude of surgical light sources via 12’ fiberoptic cable.

Titanium Surgical Instruments

for the unique challenges of microsurgery

Designed by Robert F. Spetzler, MD, Emeritus Chair Neurosurgery, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA for the unique challenges of microsurgery, our instruments are specially balanced by pairing titanium handles with stainless steel working elements. The color-coded instrument trays help you and your teams to always stay organized. The comprehensive portfolio includes curettes, elevators, knives, scissors, and much more.

[KOGENT surgical] instruments [...] meet the needs for evolving procedures where smaller and deeper corridors are required. When removing a deep complex lesion, I have found that these instruments provide me with the ability to get the job done. They have become an indispensable part of my surgical armamentarium.

Robert F. Spetzler, MD

Emeritus Chair Neurosurgery, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


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