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  • Augmented Visualization
  • Single-Handed Operation
  • Digital Data Management
  • ZEISS PENTERO 800 S Digital Hybrid Visualization

    Simplify visibility

    to save valuable time during surgical procedures

    Experience breakthrough visualization capabilities combined with an optimized workflow when using ZEISS EXTARO 300 for general otolaryngologic procedures, such as tympanoplasty, myringotomy, stapedectomy, mastoidectomy, and transoral laser surgery.

    The intuitive functionalities minimize interruptions and maximize your focus on surgery. Innovative data management solutions enable you to capture photos and record videos of every treatment, organized according to your needs. Due to its small footprint, easy maneuverability, and adjustable axis, it can be positioned flexibly in the operating room – even when space is limited.

Augmented Visualization MultiSpectral Mode

Augmented Visualization

with integrated capabilities for a clear view

ZEISS EXTARO 300 enables a more accurate assessment of the surgical situation for better decision making. The MultiSpectral Mode, NoGlare Mode, and a powerful illumination enhance surgical visualization, allowing you to make the right surgical decisions even in deep anatomical structures – for a better outcome for your patients.

Visualization enhanced – ZEISS EXTARO 300

  • Microscope application standard mode
    Microscope application standard mode

    MultiSpectral Mode

    for enhanced contrast

    Low-color contrast often makes it difficult to recognize critical anatomical structures. The MultiSpectral Mode of ZEISS EXTARO 300 enhances this contrast, for example to better distinguish between vasculature and tissue or to check the viability and thinness of the tympanic membrane.

  • Microscope application no glare
    Microscope application no glare

    NoGlare Mode

    to suppress disturbing reflections

    Sometimes light reflections complicate the surgical procedure and fine structures are barely recognizable. The NoGlare Mode of ZEISS EXTARO 300 suppresses these obtrusive reflections from liquids like blood or water, allowing for faster and more detailed distinction of anatomical details and artificial implants.

Single-Handed Operation

Single-Handed Operation

with easy-to-use interactions

Since every intervention is unique, maximum concentration during a procedure is required to react to deviations adequately and quickly in the surgical workflow. Even the slightest adjustment or repositioning of the ENT microscope can greatly disturb focus and cost valuable time. Thanks to the user-friendly Mode Control button and Varioskop 230 of ZEISS EXTARO 300, which can be adjusted effortlessly with just one hand, you can perform procedures with maximum focus and efficiency. Best in class.

Usability perfected – ZEISS EXTARO 300

Mode Control

to minimize disruption to the surgical workflow

With the Mode Control button, ZEISS EXTARO 300 allows you to activate all visualization modes and camera functionalities without taking your eyes off the surgical field. With its innovative balancing and movement system, frequent repositioning will no longer be a burden on your procedures.

Varioskop 230

to focus on the essentials

The Varioskop 230 allows you to effortlessly set the field of view and focus over a wide working range of 200 to 430 mm without moving the microscope – using just one finger for ergonomic handling.

Laser compatibility

for easy mounting

ZEISS EXTARO 300 is fully compatible with the micromanipulators of manufacturers and offers a tried-and-tested mounting system. With the optional laser package, the focus of the microscope can be locked on the same focal plane as the surgical laser to perform delicate procedures on the larynx and inner ear.

Digital Data Management

with smart solutions

High patient throughput and the associated documentation can be tedious when collecting, organizing, and storing procedure-related images and videos. ZEISS digital solutions offer an easy and efficient pathway to data management and facilitate professional peer collaboration and education. Integrate apps such as ZEISS Surgical Cloud and ZEISS Livestream in your daily routine to effectively store, share, and stream your clinical cases directly from your device.

Connectivity ensured – ZEISS EXTARO 300

Web-based apps

Experience ZEISS Surgical Cloud and ZEISS Livestream

  • ZEISS Surgical Cloud

    to simplify data management

    Efficient data management and peer collaboration have never been easier. ZEISS Surgical Cloud directly and securely synchronizes recorded images and videos throughout surgery, including patient and treatment data from ZEISS EXTARO 300 – and it allows you to manage it all easily. Using the intuitive web application, you can access and share your data at anytime from anywhere. This not only simplifies patient and peer communication, but also paves the way for efficient documentation processes.
  • ZEISS Livestream

    to educate and present remotely in real time

    ZEISS Livestream allows you to schedule a live surgery or treatment and send out invitation links to participants in advance. On the day of the live event, a large audience can watch the procedure via the secure web link in just a few clicks.

iOS-based Apps

Experience ZEISS Connect and ZEISS Observe

  • ZEISS Connect

    to connect your iPad to ZEISS EXTARO 300

    ZEISS Connect allows you to manage surgical data digitally by easily visualizing, organizing, and archiving photos and videos from your surgical cases for documentation and peer communication. Dedicated functionalities support the integration of the ZEISS EXTARO 300 into your existing hospital IT infrastructure.

  • ZEISS Observe

    to stream in real time on an iPhone

    With ZEISS Observe, students and guests can easily follow a treatment in real time on a mobile device without sophisticated equipment. Any VR headset can be used for a 3D, immersive VR experience.

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First impressions of ZEISS EXTARO 300

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  • Prof. Mark Praetorius

  • Mark Syms, MD


  • EXTARO 300 ENT Brochure EN

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5-step magnification changer


Varioskop 230, working distance adjustable from 200 to 430 mm


TriLED provides natural colored light at high intensities

TriLED with LightBoost providing Xenon-like intensities

Single-Handed Operation

Unique user interface and intuitive balancing process allow smooth and effortless single-handed operation of the microscope


Straight binocular tube

180° tiltable tube

Foldable tube f170 / f260


10x wide-field eyepieces

12,5x wide-field eyepieces

Augmented Visualization

Augmented Visualization Kit includes GreenColor Mode and enables:

  • MultiSpectral Mode
  • NoGlare Mode


Essential: Integrated HD-video (1080p) recording on USB attached storage, HDMI output, trigger from microscope or with remote control

Digital Data Management: Integrated HD-video (1080p), HDMI output, ZEISS Connect iPad App for camera control including smart recording, media data management according to customer-defined workflows

ZEISS Connect DICOM Interface

iPad Docking station


Stereo co-observation package with straight tube, incl. beamsplitter and TriLED with LightBoost providing Xe-like intensities

Laser Adaption

Laser package contains:

  • adaptor for laser micromanipulator
  • microscope focus lock
  • external focus slider that allows to jointly move microscope and laser focus point


Asepsis starter kit consists of drape adapter ring for VisionGuard® splash guard and packs of resterilizable covers

Drape starter kit

ZEISS EXTARO 300 allows you to configure based on your requirements. To make it easier for you, we have predefined some packages to suit your specific needs. Please reach out to a ZEISS representative to assist you.

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    Application image: Courtesy of Prof. Marcel Kraft, Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, Basel, Switzerland

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    Application image: Courtesy of Dr. Mark Praetorius, University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany