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Enhance precision and efficiency

in your OR

Today’s microsurgical landscapes require modern technologies capable of performing advanced procedures in a simple, intuitive way. Reliable performance for all your patients is key.​

For demanding surgical applications look no further than TIVATO® 700 from ZEISS. Understanding your daily surgical workflows, this fully integrated state-of-the-art Advanced Visualization System enhances usability and flexibly supports intraoperative fluorescence- and navigation-guided procedures as well as hospital IT infrastructure integration. During advanced surgical interventions and post-procedure workflows, ZEISS TIVATO 700 is your intelligent partner that increases all-around performance when it is needed most.

Workflow-Enhancing Visualization with state-of-the-art imaging

Workflow-Enhancing Visualization

with state-of-the-art imaging

New treatment modalities, enhanced visualization, and brilliant broadcasting of procedures in the operating room (OR) – the surgical landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Without the best tools and most intuitive technologies, your workflow can be disrupted inside and outside of the OR. ​

Workflow-Enhancing Visualization supports your procedure by providing easy access to state-of-the-art imaging at your fingertips. ZEISS TIVATO 700 enables effortless use of advanced surgical visualization modalities and delivers superb image clarity for every application.​

Visualization enhanced – ZEISS TIVATO 700

Integrated 4K visualization

Integrated 4K visualization

Involve your team at every step of the procedure

Inside the OR, you can broadcast the surgical treatment every step of the way in brilliant detail with the integrated 4K camera technology, while the large external monitor allows for easy viewing by your entire team.


Adjust the focus automatically at the push of a button

Free hands, constantly sharp vision of anatomical details for hours, and a clear head are essential for achieving the best possible surgical outcome. SpeedFokus simplifies microscope adjustments by means of its fast, precise, and automatic focus. This could make a significant contribution to increasing the efficiency of your surgical workflow. With just a press of the button on the handgrip or foot control panel, SpeedFokus automatically delivers a razor-sharp image after repositioning the microscope.

Fluorescence-guided procedures

Switch between white light and fluorescence view

Thanks to the brilliant apochromatic optics from ZEISS, you can venture into new areas using intraoperative fluorescence1 options. Assess the patency of vessels joined by anastomosis with ZEISS INFRARED 800. Go one step further with ZEISS YELLOW 560 to visualize fluorescence-stained structures for additional clinical applications.

Optical flexibility

Experience comfort with our versatile modules

Whether you opt for lateral co-observation or face-to-face configurations, our wide range of optical accessories ensures that you can work in a comfortable position. The modular approach for optical subsystems includes various tubes such as the Foldable Tube f170/f260, which offers increased positioning capabilities and additional 50% magnification gain with a quick turn of the dial. In addition, various eyepieces allow flexible adaption of ZEISS TIVATO 700 to the requirements of different surgical procedures and to your personal preferences.

Ultimate Reach & Flexibility

Ultimate Reach & Flexibility

to handle any OR situation confidently

The OR is a demanding place full of activity – with multiple people and devices all inside a small room. Yet, different types of procedures require different set-ups and workflows. Every day in the OR is different and any disruption, such as elaborate rebalancing, can hinder desired clinical outcomes. ​

Ultimate Reach & Flexibility gives you and your team the freedom to handle every OR situation with confidence. ZEISS TIVATO 700 offers excellent overhead clearance, a large working distance, and enables ultimate reach to adapt to the specific needs of the procedure at hand. At the same time, Active Vibration Damping reduces unwanted vibrations during repositioning. ​

Flexibility reached – ZEISS TIVATO 700

Flexible positioning

Thanks to the long microscope arm of ZEISS TIVATO 700, you can easily position the base as space allows in the OR and still operate comfortably with ultimate reach. In addition, the excellent overhead clearance enables you to work under the arm of the visualization system in every setup. When working with long instruments, you can rely on the large working distance of 200 to 625 mm to ensure continuous focus.

Active Vibration Damping

High stability even at high magnification

Avoid undesirable vibrations during procedures after the repositioning of the visualization system and during small movements – even at high magnification. The innovative Active Vibration Damping, strengthened by robotic movements, supports you to streamline your surgical workflow.

The plus in flexibility

Easily prepare ZEISS TIVATO 700 for daily use with the integrated functions that support your clinical workflow and efficient handling.

  • AutoBalance


    Automatically balance the surgical microscope at the touch of a button to enable fast setup and optimum mobility, even when draped.

  • AutoDrape®


    Facilitate the draping process by automatically evacuating the air inside the sterile drape for an excellent fit while minimizing draping slack and optimizing system movement.

  • AutoBalance image

    Extended depth of field

    Experience the brilliant apochromatic optics from ZEISS with enhanced depth of field to work in deep cavities in focus.

  • Illumination


    Choose between TriLED or Xenon light source2 for reliable and powerful illumination of deep channels.

  • Wireless foot control panel

    Wireless foot control panel

    Conveniently control a variety of surgical microscope functions with the wireless foot control panel.

  • Navigation


    The navigation interface of ZEISS TIVATO 700 is designed to work in concert with your navigation device and guide you exactly where you need to be – when you need to be there.



with an easy-to-use and future-ready platform

Frequently rotating OR teams require easy-to-use medical equipment with intuitive user interfaces. Integrated medical devices allow for faster turnaround in the OR so that more patients can be treated, leading to procedural efficiency.​

Go All-Digital with an easy-to-use and future-ready platform for a seamless entry into the world of fully connected visualization systems. ​

Digital ORs connected – ZEISS TIVATO 700

  • ZEISS Connect 

    Connect your iPad to ZEISS TIVATO 700

    ZEISS TIVATO 700 comes with a full connectivity package. Manage surgical data digitally with ZEISS Connect and dedicated functionalities to integrate your system into the existing hospital IT infrastructure. The app allows you to easily visualize, organize, and archive photos and videos of your surgical cases for documentation and peer communication.

  • ZEISS Observe

    ZEISS Observe 

    Stream in real time on an iPhone

    With ZEISS Observe, students and guests can easily follow the treatment in real time on a mobile device without sophisticated equipment. For a 3D immersive VR experience, any VR headset can be used.

Intuitive graphical user interface

Control your visualization system

ZEISS TIVATO 700 offers you an intuitive graphical user interface that makes interacting with the system easy for everyone in the OR. Operate the visualization system efficiently and change settings such as light intensity or handgrip configuration quickly with just the click of a button. This speeds up the process to onboard new users and saves time on routine tasks for each case.

ZEISS Smart Services 

ZEISS Smart Services 

New dimensions in service

ZEISS TIVATO 700 is powered by ZEISS Smart Services, the remote service platform from ZEISS. With this platform, ZEISS strives to establish a new dimension in service. Its architecture provides a high level of IT infrastructure security and offers all stakeholders more confidence in conducting daily business. Is maintaining system availability of critical importance to you? If this is the case, you should opt for fast, qualified assistance with an OPTIME service agreement including ZEISS Smart Services.

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    Please use the fluorescent agent as per the approval status for the application in your country.

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    ZEISS TIVATO 700 can be configured with one light source (Xenon or TriLED).

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    Application image: Courtesy of Joachim Hornung, MD, University Clinic Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany​

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    Application image: Courtesy of Mary Daval, MD, Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild, Paris, France

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    Application image: Courtesy of Mary Daval, MD, Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild, Paris, France

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    Application image: Courtesy of Mary Daval, MD, Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild, Paris, France

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    Application image: Courtesy of Mary Daval, MD, Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild, Paris, France

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    Application image: Courtesy of Joachim Hornung, MD, University Clinic Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany