ZEISS VISULAS combi the compact workstation for Retina

ZEISS VISULAS combi The compact workstation for retina, cataract and glaucoma workflows.

Ideal for a wide variety of applications, the ZEISS VISULAS combi is the first fully integrated therapeutic laser workstation offering SLT, photodisruption and photocoagulation technology without compromise. The laser slit lamp is the joint applicator for various applications. No need for time-consuming changes or relocation of the patient.

  • Customizable application modules
  • All VISULAS therapeutic laser applications
  • All VISULAS features & benefits
Graphic which illustrates the Visulas constellation

Customizable application modules

to tailor the workstation to your needs

Mix and match three different modules based on the treatments you offer to your patients. The possibility to activate modules via software license makes the VISULAS combi a future-proof investment that can enhance your treatment options at anytime.

ZEISS VISULAS therapeutic lase

All VISULAS therapeutic laser applications

share the same look and feel

Enjoy the same user interface look and feel for every application on one workplace – no need to switch workplace for a different application.

illustration of ZEISS VISULAS combi

All VISULAS features & benefits without compromise

in one space-saving workstation

The ZEISS VISULAS combi offers the possibility to have the features and benefits of VISULAS green, VISULAS green with SLT and VISULAS yag in one space-saving workstation.

ZEISS Retina Workflow

ZEISS Retina Workflow

Optimizing retinal disease detection, management and treatment

The integration of ZEISS VISULAS combi workstation into the ZEISS Workflows provides high levels of flexibility and efficiency.1



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  • VISULAS combi – Photocoagulation
    VISULAS combi - SLT
    VISULAS combi - Photodisruption

    Laser source

    Frequency doubled Nd:YVO4, diode-pumped, cw

    Frequency doubled Nd:YVO4, diode-pumped, cw

    Nd:YAG laser: flash lamp-pumped, Q-switched

    Laser wavelength of therapy beam

    532 nm

    532 nm

    1064 nm

    Pulse duration

    • Single pulse: 10 ms to 2,500 ms, cw (max. 180 s)
    • Multi spot: 10/20/30/40/50 ms

    100 – 300ns (FWHM)

    < 4 ns (typically 2 ns to 3 ns)

    Pulse interval

    • From 10 to 6,000 ms (adjustable)

    Pulse mode

    • Single pulse:
      9.0 mJ to 13.0 mJ at max. 2.5 Hz
    • Double pulse:
      18.0 mJ to 28.0 mJ at max 1.0 Hz
    • Triple pulse:
      29.0 mJ to 45.0 mJ at max 1.0 Hz

    Laser beam guidance

    Interlaced with slit illumination system

    Interlaced with slit illumination system

    Energy attenuation

    22 levels

    Data output

    PDF to USB drive. Optional: PDF report to ZEISS FORUM1 (with ZEISS VISUCONNECT 600)

    Laser class

    Class 4 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1)


    201 mm (H) × 230 mm (W) × 290 mm (D)


    ≤ 8 kg

  • Laser Slit Lampe

    LED illumination

    5.6 V, 2 W brightness continuously adjustable

    Slit width

    0 to 14 mm (continuously)

    Slit height

    1/3/5/9/14 mm

    Slit image rotation


    Integrated display

    InsightView® integrated

    Aiming beam

    • Photocoagulation: Diode, 620 nm to 650 nm, max. 1 mW at the cornea
    • SLT: Diode, 620 nm to 650 nm, max. 1 mW at the cornea, rotating/fixed aiming beam (switchable)
    • Photodisruption: Diode, 660 nm to 680 nm, 2-point/4-point (switchable)

    Physician safety filter

    ClearView® - true-to-color, fixed





    Pupil distance setting range

    55 mm to 78 mm

    Adjustment range for the observer's refractive error

    -5 D to +5 D

    Device class

    2 in accordance with ISO 15004-2

    Electrical power supply

    Supplied by laser console


    ≤ 16.0 kg

  • Control Panel


    ≤ 2 kg

  • Optional


    Panel PC (SL Workstation)

    LSL combi laser slit lamp

    ZEISS SL Imaging Solution

    LIO VISULAS green laser indirect ophthalmoscope

    Standard foot switch


    TouchControl® foot switch

    Instrument table IT 1060.i / IT 760.i

    ZEISS FORUM license

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    Connectivity to ZEISS FORUM requires an optional license