Visionäre Technologie für interaktive Computerspiele

Modern lifestyle thanks to tomorrow's technology

Science fiction becomes reality

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  • Powerful optics design
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A step into the future

Visionary applications for everyday areas of life

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    flexibly combinable functionalities

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    greater range of ToF sensors

  • infinite number of projection planes

We supply optical innovations

Application versatility to enrich your everyday life

Transparent camera systems, gesture control, projection solutions, and versatile detection capabilities have often only been fiction in movies. But thanks to our ZEISS multifunctional glass technology platform, we bring these applications into your home and smart devices. This is what makes many visionary and individual applications possible in the first place.

In the future, life will be enriched in many ways by our solutions. Whether on the go, playing games or simply want to shop in a modern way, our ZEISS multifunctional glass technology solutions expand existing applications in previously unimagined ways but also create room for completely new design spaces and experiences to realize tomorrow's modern lifestyle today.

Vereinfachung des CheckIn Prozesses dank transparenter Kamera und Sensordichte
Little effort, high output

Multifunctional smart glass optimizes a wide range of familiar applications

Our technology consistently and safely performs various tasks in different areas of life. You as the customer determine the application, we supply the necessary peripheral devices with our technology platform.

Thanks to our extremely high-performance optics design, which is implemented based on your performance and requirements catalog, the top performance of optical components is guaranteed as is typical for ZEISS. We support you with extensive knowledge and experience in project management, quality assurance, optics design, holography, material science, replication, integration and automation. In close partnership and exchange, we master the entire, necessary process chain together and bring future technology to your customers today.

Multifunktionales Smart Glas ermöglicht neue Visionen für heutige Technologie, z.B. Projektion und Holografie
Enhance augmented reality applications

Holographic applications in everyday use

Thanks to ZEISS and its multifunctional smart glass technology, the implementation of holography for e.g. versatile AR applications in the smart devices of today and tomorrow will be industrially applicable.

The patented IP platform of different processes was first developed by ZEISS micro-optics specialists and has since been optimized for production in industrial processes. The different processes in the production of microstructured optics offers our customers optimal conditions for their visions. ZEISS multifunctional smart glass thus expands the possibilities of consumer products such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, ... many times over.


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