Mikrooptische Hochleistungslösungen

High-performance micro-optical solutions

Performance enhancement of optical components

Customize light perfectly

Combine unique functionalities to your application

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    independent and combinable technologies

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Mikrooptische Funktionalitäten

Micro-optical innovation — maximum customization

The complete redesign of optical systems provides you with an optimized design with high optical performance, taking into account the application parameters (source properties, opto-mechanical properties, desired optical function and manufacturing limitations).

The use of micro-optical elements as free-space optics based on flat optics or as integrated flat optics, provides optimal conditions. In both cases, a high degree of customization is achieved with functional flexibility. ZEISS' micro-optical elements replace or supplement your existing optical elements. ZEISS ensures flexibility through individuality – for economical and process feasibility.

DOE | ROE Komponenten


Diffractive and refractive optical elements

The micro-optical elements from ZEISS enable maximum customization based on numerous key factors:

✔Flat geometry,
✔ High efficiency,
✔ High numerical aperture,
✔   Low roughness,
✔  High optical functionality,
✔  Double-sided structuring of elements with large substrate thickness, also for achromatic applications

Diffractive optical elements
Refractive optical elements


Single components


Micro-optical DOE generate arbitrary far-field intensity profiles with high homogeneity and efficiency. Micro-optical ROE enable the generation of arbitrary far-field distributions with maximum efficiency, large angular spectrum and high degree of homogeneity for monochromatic and polychromatic light based on continuous surface relief patterns without phase dislocations.

Hybride Optiken

Hybrid optics

Technology combination

The possible implementation of optical multifunctions based on complex systems of multiple refractive and diffractive elements is groundbreaking. For example, focusing and beam-shaping effects generated by heavy and bulky modules can be achieved by small and lightweight systems.



One-to-one implementation

ZEISS offers mastering and replication of corresponding structures for the profitable production of numerous micro-optical elements. After a master has been produced, it is duplicated in the replication process, whereby a very precise structure transfer is possible. After the master and replica have stabilized, both are separated from each other.


Integration into your system


ZEISS offers application- and customer-specific standardized, individualized and complex mounts for integration into your respective system, such as those based on special materials or integrated water cooling. The corresponding requirement defines your application.


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