Post-endodontic CAD/CAM restoration workflow of upper left premolar

30 July 2021 · 5 min watch
Author Assoc. Prof. Marko Jakovac DMD, MSC, PhD Zagreb, Croatia

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on CAD/CAM workflow with ZEISS EXTARO 300

The video shows the possibilities of ZEISS EXTARO 300 in combination with a digital workflow. Firstly, we used the dental microscope for inspection and evaluation. The patient had endo treatment and needed crown restoration on the upper left premolar.
The tooth needed crown build-up before CAD/CAM restoration. A rubber dam was placed to ensure the tooth was dry and clean for adhesive build-up. When we entered, high magnification of the pulp chamber and root was needed. After root preparation, a post and core was placed.
When the post and core was finished, the tooth was prepared under different magnification. ZEISS EXTARO 300 dental microscope helped to determine the tooth color.
The CAD/CAM procedure involves intraoral scanning, restoration designing, and milling. In this case, glass ceramics were used. After try-in, the lithium disilicate crown should be crystallized and glazed. Before or during the glazing procedure, some staining can be done.
Finally, contact points were checked and the crown was cemented. Adhesive cementation should be performed with isolation of the tooth and following the cement manufacturer's recommendations. With high magnification, marginal adaptation can be checked and the cement can be cleaned.

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