On-demand webinar

The benefit of the microsurgical concept in periodontal therapy

Webinar recorded at ZEISS Dental Week 2021

6 May 2021 · 48 min watch
Author Dr. Diego Velásquez, DDS, MSD Fenton, USA

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on the microsurgical concept in periodontal therapy

This presentation will showcase the rationale of embracing the microscope-assisted concept in periodontal therapy by illustrating clinical cases in a wide scope of applications pertaining to the daily workflow in periodontal treatment. Microscope-assisted periodontal surgery has been extensively documented in the literature since its introduction in the early 90s. Visually driven soft and hard tissue manipulation translates into delicate handling of tissues from incision-making to wound closure. The symbiotic combination of magnification and coaxial illumination enhances visual acuity and psychomotor execution, both essential supporting ingredients to perform precise incisions, design minimally invasive flaps, preparing surfaces with confidence, delivering biomaterials accurately, and achieving passive wound edge approximation. Patients benefit from less morbidity, while the operator, the micro periodontal surgeon, takes full advantage of a working tool that enables high-quality performance in an ergonomically healthy environment.

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