On-demand webinar

The Micro approach to Digital Dentistry: precision and preservation.

Webinar recorded at ZEISS Dental Week 2021

4 May 2021 · 50 min watch
Author Dr. Roberto Molinari, DDS Mantova, Italy

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on clinical cases including all the concepts about the modern approach and the value of the dental microscope in digital dentistry

Thanks to the evolution of digital dentistry, even the complex cases, both esthetic and functional, can be solved by all those who are familiar with dental software. Today, in fact, the modern dentist who embarks on the road of digital dentistry, to be able to digitally manage the cases, must know very well not only the clinical rules that govern dentistry itself, but also the concept of "software integration". In order to obtain good final results, we have to augment the visualization using a microscope in all clinical steps from preparation to cementation.   

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