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Adapting New Technologies – Why it’s worth it

10 March 2022 · 2 min watch
Dr. Amir Hamid
Author Dr. Amir Hamid Optegra Eye Clinic, London, UK
Dr. Otmar Ringhofer
Author Dr. Otmar Ringhofer Chiemsee Eye Clinic, Prien, Germany
Dr. Sri Ganesh
Author Dr. Sri Ganesh Nethradhama Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India
Dr. Cyrille Temstet
Author Dr. Cyrille Temstet Centre Ophtalmologique Ternes-Monceau, Paris, France

Adapting New Technologies – Why it’s worth it!

Implementing new technologies into your clinic and adapting your clinical routine can be challenging and seen as a hurdle and/or raise concerns. But innovative technologies and developments also bring advantages such as potentially improving efficiency, outcomes, and patient satisfaction. So is it worth the extra effort?

Hear from leading experts how implementing patient education apps, changing to a new phacoemulsification technology, or even acquiring a new femtosecond laser have had an impact on their practices and daily routine. Learn about your peers’ learning curves and get practical tips that can enable a smooth implementation process.

Chapter 1
Opening & Introduction by Dr. Amir Hamid [0:00 – 03:21]

Amir Hamid kicks off the topic “Adapting new technologies” by addressing the question of what challenges and concerns the panel faced when considered to start with new technologies.

Chapter 2
“Implementing Patient Education Apps – Sense or Nonsense” by Dr. Amir Hamid [03:22 – 10:26]

Amir Hamid highlights the importance of patient education to ensure a smooth patient pathway. He illuminates how he and his clinic implemented a novel approach to achieve this major goal. In his talk, he introduces the ZEISS EYEGUIDE app and its benefits for patients and his clinic. He also shares the steps that must be taken to make the most out of this modern tool in patient education.

Chapter 3
“Changing to a New Phaco Device – What’s in it for me?” by Dr. Otmar Ringhofer [10:27 – 23:20]

Otmar Ringhofer shares his latest experience implementing a new phaco machine into his OR workflow. He illuminates which concerns he faced during this phase, but also demonstrates why switching to the new ZEISS QUATERA 700 was smooth and beneficial for his efficiency and workflow.  Moreover, experts will discuss the surgical performance and their first experiences with the innovative I/A fluidic system of QUATERA’s QUATTRO pump technology.

Chapter 4
“Implementing New Consumables – How does it impact my routine?” – Panel Discussion [23:21 – 31:38]
In this panel discussion, experts address how integrating new consumables such as OVDs and IOLs differs from implementing new devices. They explain strategies and share their own and their staff’s preferences regarding IOL characteristics that have proven to have a positive impact on daily routines.

Chapter 5
“Lenticule Extraction in 2022 – Mature enough to start with!” by Dr. Sri Ganesh [31:39 – 45:46]

Sri Ganesh discusses the status of Lenticule Extraction in the year 2022 by illuminating various aspects of the approach itself, as well as the device used to perform  Lenticule Extraction. Clinical aspects from literature and, in particular, his own 10 years of experience, as well as market and business considerations make Sri draw the conclusion that  Lenticule Extraction in 2022 is definitely mature enough to start with. A main factor behind his statement is also the availability of the new femtosecond laser VISUMAX® 800 from ZEISS, which he introduces to the audience in terms of functionality, workflow, and first clinical outcomes.

Chapter 6
“Why to start with SMILE now!”  – Panel Discussion [45:47 – 56:15]

The panelists discuss what has changed: Starting with Lenticule Extraction now compared to 10 years ago in terms of the level of development of device and technique, onboarding procedure, and support from company and peers. They openly discuss reasons why they partially have waited till now to start with  Lenticule Extraction and why they consider now to be the right time.

Chapter 7
“Tips & tricks to implement new technologies into the workflow"  – Panel Discussion & Closing [56:16 – End]

The panel concludes this session by sharing their personal tips to prepare for smooth implementation of new devices and technologies.

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