VISUREF 150 – autorefractor and keratometer

ZEISS VISUREF 150 Autorefractor and Keratometer

VISUREF® 100 and 150 from ZEISS are basic diagnostic instruments that combine reliable performance with great user convenience. Each delivers fast, trustworthy refraction and keratometry results for an in-depth assessment of patient condition. Easy to set up and use, the ZEISS VISUREF 150 can be operated after only a short training period.

  • Intuitive and modern
  • Data management
  • Flexible instrument control

Intuitive user interface

Apart from refraction and keratometry the intuitive workflow-oriented user interface also conducts cornea and pupil diameter measurements, image capture and contact lens base curve measurements. Adaptable illumination parameters allow measurements of patients with implanted intraocular lenses (IOLs). The automatic fogging incorporates an infinity scene that reduces the effects of accommodation.

The intuitive user interface guides the user through the main workflow steps of the refractive assessment. Choose from different measurement settings (e.g. manual, auto trigger) and various illumination parameters (e.g. IOL mode) for optimal results.

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What you face every day

Complex practice processes flow smoothly when routine tasks are easy to perform. Refraction assessment is part of the daily pretest workflow. A high patient throughput in this area is key for the success of every eye care facility, as is the dependability of pretest results as well as the comfort of the patients.

The ZEISS VISUREF 150 has all the qualities needed to quickly become a valuable asset in the practice environment. With its modern communication technology, the device seamlessly fits into many practice setups, supporting efficient diagnostic workflows.

Data management

Quickly retrieve previous measurements via the local device memory. View all details for up to 10 measurements per eye and their average values. Print out results with the integrated thermal printer or as a PDF file over a network printer. Review measurement data on a PC via the web server interface.

Flexible instrument control

Conducting measurements with the touch screen and joystick is very easy. Diagnostic information is displayed in excellent resolution on the adjustable color touch monitor. Patients are quickly and comfortably positioned with the motorized chin rest. The integrated quick release brake prevents unintended movements of the instrument base.

Discover ZEISS Essential Line

Complete basic diagnostic workplace

A well-functioning basic diagnostic pathway is indispensable for efficient practice management in virtually every eye care facility – for new patient exams, routine check-ups as well as to support treatment decisions. ZEISS Essential Line portfolio of basic diagnostic instruments brings simplicity to these examination workflows – and quality right from the start.


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Sphere (SPH)
-25.00 D to +22.00 D in steps of 0.12 D / 0.25 D
Cylinder (CYL)
0.00 D to ±10.00 D in steps of 0.12 D / 0.25 D
Axis (AX)
0° to 180°, in steps of 1°
Vertex Distance (VD)
0.00, 10.00, 12.00, 13.50, 15.00 mm
Pupil Distance (PD)
10 mm to 85 mm
Min. Pupil Diameter
2 mm
Corneal Curvature
5.00 to 10.20 mm, in steps of 0.01 mm
Corneal Refraction
33.00 D to 67.50 D, in steps of 0.12 D / 0.25 D
Corneal Astigmatism
0.00 D to -15.00 D, in steps of 0.12 D / 0.25 D
0° to 180°, in steps of 1°
Corneal Diameter
2.00 to 12.00 mm, in steps of 0.10 mm
Chinrest Movement
65 mm, motorized
Internal thermal printer (paper width 57 mm), printable PDF via optional network printer
1 x serial interface RS 232; fully isolated 2MOPP
1 x network connection (LAN 10 / 100); fully isolated 2MOPP
Supported data output options:
- to EMR, PMS systems or ZEISS FORUM
- file-based to network folder and USB stick
Web service interface for data retrieval
1 x USB interface (for USB stick only)
1 x VGA monitor output
Output data format
Power Supply
100 V to 240 V AC ±10 %; 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions, Weight
275 mm x 525 mm x 450 mm, 18 kg

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