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Proven quality for optical performance

The ZEISS slit lamp family is built to provide years of reliable service yet each one of them is unique in its usability, application range and special qualities. A wide range to choose from - tower type or integrated type, an integrated imaging module and latest illumination and filter options – all with improved ergonomics in mind.

  • Optical brilliance
  • Outstanding performance and excellent operation
  • Convenient imaging
  • Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty
  • Corneal structures in direct focal illumination
  • Overview in diffuse illumination

    Overview in diffuse illumination1

  •   Iris-fixated phakic IOL2

  • Capsular bag structures in direct focal illumination

    Capsular bag structures in direct focal illumination3

  • Corneal structures in direct focal illumination

    Corneal structures in direct focal illumination3

“My slit lamp is a perfect fit”

ZEISS slit lamps are standard equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists and many opticians. Eye care professionals often have very different requirements in terms of the examinations they perform.

Slit lamps from ZEISS reflect these distinctions. Delivering proven quality for reliable performance every day, they combine premium optics with superb mechanical performance and versatility. Excellent ergonomics, simple handling, convenient documentation and easy upgradeability have made them mainstays in practices around the world.

Optical brilliance

Optical brilliance

From daily routine to specialized examinations: ZEISS slit lamps deliver high-resolution images that let you focus precisely on what you want and need to see.

Slit lamp operation

Bright performance and excellent operation

  • ZEISS slit lamps offer superb optical transmission with high-resolution, high-contrast images for all types of eye examinations from overview to detail.
  • Single-handed operation and ergonomic design support a comfortable body posture. Joystick, quick action brake and easy grip controls for precise slit adjustments.4
  • Choice of different illumination types, filter options as well as 3 to 5 magnification steps to cater to real-life user needs. Optional parallel or convergent tube to support your workflow preferences.
Slit lamp from ZEISS

Convenient imaging

  • All ZEISS slit lamps feature the ZEISS SL Imaging Solution: Document any slit lamp examination with high resolution images and videos – for review, follow-ups and patient education.
  • The SL cam compact, a fully integrated, highly compact 18-megapixel camera, and the SL imaging software combine forces to deliver high-resolution images and videos.
  • User-specific capture settings and image review functionalities promote a smooth workflow.

Slit lamp accessories

SL Imaging Solution

SL Imaging Solution

As an integral part of every ZEISS slit lamp, it easily captures high-quality images and videos. It provides eye care professionals with a consistent and comprehensive means for documenting examination results.

Applanation tonometer

Applanation tonometer

The AT 020 and AT 030 Applanation tonometers from ZEISS allow precise measurement of intraocular pressure. Depending on your preference, you can attach an upright tonometer with an working position over the slit lamp swivel joint or mount a suspended tonometer on the stereomicroscope. They were designed on the principle introduced by Professor Goldmann. This principle represents the gold standard in tonometry. Adapters also allow the tonometers to be mounted to different slit lamps.


  • SL Family Brochure EN

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  • SL Imaging Solution Brochure EN

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Specification comparison

ZEISS Slit lamp family

ZEISS SL 115 Classic
Slit Illumination
LED & Halogen (VarioLight)

Blue, halogen, green (red-free), red, diffusor, yellow (optional)

Blue, green (red-free), grey, diffusor, yellow (optional)

Blue, yellow, green (red-free), grey, red, diffusor

Blue, green (red-free), diffusor, yellow (optional)

Blue, yellow, green (red-free), red, diffusor

6/10/16/25/40x with 10x eyepiece
5/8/12/20/32x with 10x eyepiece 6/10/16/25/40x with 12.5x eyepiece
10/16/25x with 12.5x eyepiece 6/10/16/25/40x with 12.5x eyepiece
5/8/12/20/32x with 10x eyepiece
6/10/16/25/40x with 12.5x eyepiece
8/12/20x with 10x eyepiece
Optional Accessories
Applanation tonometer
SL Imaging Solution

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    Courtesy of Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Strobel, Eye Clinic of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Jena, Germany

  • 4

    Only applicable to SL 115 Classic, SL 120, SL 130