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ZEISS Cloud Viewer Cloud-based review and collaboration software for ophthalmology

The ophthalmic data management solution now enriched with the cloud thanks to the new ZEISS Cloud Viewer. Easily access, manage and share your data no matter where you are with the browser-based, cloud-powered solution. The result: a more collaborative and flexible workflow.

  • Share complex cases anytime
  • Manage data wherever you are
  • Count on secure storage of data
  • Transition smoothly into a new workflow
  • Subscribe to an affordable solution

Welcome to the new flow

Better patient care illustration

Better patient care

Share complex cases anytime

When you have a complex case, ZEISS Cloud Viewer enables you to quickly share your data with colleagues. Simply select your data, write a message and send it to both FORUM and non-FORUM users. You can also discuss cases in real-time using the chat function, while email notifications keep everyone up to date. The efficient collaboration and instant data sharing can lead to professional second opinions and more informed decisions.

Single point of access illustration

Single point of access

Manage data wherever you are

As a completely browser-based tool, ZEISS Cloud Viewer helps you extend patient care beyond your practice. Simply log in using your ZEISS ID via a laptop or desktop PC. No matter where you are with an internet connection – in your practice, at home, or while traveling – you can access, share and review your data. For you and your staff, the responsive and user-friendly interface helps ensure greater continuity of care.

Illustration of ZEISS Cloud Viewer: Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Count on secure storage of data

At ZEISS, we develop our products to provide full security and privacy to our users. With ZEISS Cloud Viewer, you can rely on encrypted and secure data storage that’s only accessible with a valid ZEISS ID, while a highly-skilled ZEISS team delivers support whenever needed. In addition, we comply with local and international laws, including Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Illustration of ZEISS Cloud Viewer: Ease-of-use


Transition smoothly into a new workflow

Harnessing the power of the cloud has never been easier, thanks to remote data migration performed by ZEISS. As soon as the data transfer is complete, you can directly benefit from the new functionalities of this tool, while also receiving regular software updates. As your practice grows, you can easily scale your cloud storage and maintain an efficient workflow.

Illustration of ZEISS Cloud Viewer: Flexible payment model

Flexible payment model

Subscribe to an affordable solution

ZEISS Cloud Viewer offers a flexible, subscription-based model with monthly or yearly payment, which includes future updates of the application. It’s designed to fit your specific needs. And as those needs change, you can easily update your subscription.

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