ZEISS Excimer Lasers

Pioneering advancements for laser vision correction

With its excimer laser innovations, ZEISS has helped to pioneer several advancements in the area of refractive surgery as one of the world’s leading suppliers of ophthalmic solutions. Today excimer laser solutions continue to account for the majority of the corneal refractive surgery procedures. LASIK, is the most commonly performed procedure worldwide, and others such as PRK and LASEK continue to find widespread use and, to a lesser extent PTK as well.

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ZEISS MEL 90 excimer laser

The MEL® 90 from ZEISS is one of the most advanced excimer laser systems available today. It enables surgeons to flexibly choose between 250 and 500 Hz repetition rates. The MEL 90 also features the Triple-A Advanced Ablation Algorithm at either rate to achieve excellent, predictable results with minimal tissue removal.

ZEISS CRS-Master treatment planning platform

With the remote treatment planning platform CRS-Master from ZEISS, calculating a customized Laser Vision Correction for specific types of treatment is straightforward and accurate. Results from the ZEISS CRS-Master can also be merged with the high-resolution images and precise measurements of the corneal topographer ATLAS® 9000 from ZEISS, enabling precise topography-guided treatments.


Leading innovations

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    1st commercial excimer laser in ophthalmology by ZEISS

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    First topography-guided customized treatments from ZEISS

  • 1.3s

    Outstanding ablation speed with MEL 90 of up to 1.3s/D

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