ZEISS CRS-Master Planning customized treatments

The CRS-Master® from ZEISS is a flexible and efficient remote treatment planning station for conventional and customized laser vision corrections, including LASIK, Femto-LASIK, PRK and LASEK. It also enables age-related binocular treatment planning for presbyopic patients using PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision from ZEISS.

  • Topography-guided customized treatment
  • Remote planning tool
  • Integrated diagnostics for refractive treatment

Topography-guided customized treatment

The ZEISS CRS-Master integrates corneal topography data from the ATLAS® 9000 from ZEISS and enables the combination of conventional refractive surgery with topography-guided surgery. Even the slightest deviations in the corneal surface can be precisely recorded and targeted for correction. This provides an exceptional opportunity for treating patients with visual complaints based on corneal irregularities.

The ZEISS CRS-Master is designed to selectively control the centering of the sphere and cylinder components within the overall treatment zone. The difference between the pupil center and the visual axis is considered in the planning phase for the subsequent eye tracker positioning, enhancing the customized treatment of your patients.

Remote planning tool

With the ZEISS CRS-Master, treatment planning is greatly simplified and flexible. The ergonomic workstation design and user interface concept enable independent use from the excimer laser and efficient practice workflow. Data transfer to the excimer laser is possible via USB memory stick.

The remote planning station conveniently combines all relevant measurement and treatment data, quickly generating specific screens and overview displays. The system parameters can be adjusted as needed. With the Treatment Assistant functionality, for example, you can continuously monitor selected settings – such as the residual stromal thickness in the background. Another function automatically inspects the consistency of the flap thickness and diameter.

A key advantage: The binocular treatment planning with the ZEISS CRS-Master can be flexibly performed at your preferred work place, allowing you to further streamline your OR-workflow and significantly increase patient throughput. The ZEISS CRS-Master covers every step in the process – from initial patient examination to safe and intuitive treatment planning and review.

Integrated diagnostics for refractive treatment

This integrated solution system facilitates conventional refractive surgery as well as topography-guided treatments. In combination with the optional corneal topography system ZEISS ATLAS 9000, the ZEISS CRS-Master enables you to merge relevant patient and diagnostic data in just one workstation. This makes it possible to create a complete overview of all relevant information to be considered. The system also comprises an internal network for documentation and data backup.

The CRS-Master and the MEL® 90 excimer laser from ZEISS are an ideal combination for performing conventional and topography-guided laser vision corrections, such as:

  • Conventional sphere, cylinder and axis corrections
  • Topography-guided customized treatments
  • PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision for the treatment of presbyopic patients



Dimensions (W x D x H)
Max. 1.06 m x 0.42 m x 1.51 m
Max. 110 kg incl. table & topographer ATLAS 9000
Input voltage
with table
120, 230 V AC ± 10%
without table
100, 120, 230 V AC; adjustable, single phase
Input current
max. 6.3 A
Rated frequency
50 / 60 Hz
Ambient conditions
Temperature +15 … +30 °C
Relative humidity 30 … 75 %
Non condensing
Air pressure 700 … 1060 hPa
Data backup
Data transfer
USB flash memory drive (USB memory stick)
Data printout
Via network connection with Ethernet cable and optional network isolator
CE mark as per Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

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