Vision Care for Eye Care Professionals
Vision Care for Eye Care Professionals
ZEISS Magnifying Visual Devices

ZEISS Magnifying Visual Devices

Optical magnification solutions for your customers.

Offer your customers optical magnification with excellent clarity. Ideal for everyday use, or for professional users such as dentists, and customers with visual impairments.

  • Precise vision
  • Individualised solutions
  • Excellent flexibility and mobility
  • Professional products

    Ergonomically designedto give your customers the best possible vision. The professional magnifying range consists of three groups:

    • ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles G2.5 / K bino TTL
    • ZEISS Teleloupe Spectacles GTX
    • ZEISS Head-worn Loupes KS/KF titan
  • Magnifiers

    Small devices with a major effect. Magnifiers are converging lenses that allow the customer’s eye to move closer to any object to be observed.

    • Pocket Magnifiers
    • Head-worn Loupe L / LC
    • VisuCard
  • Low-vision products

    Low-vision devices can be adapted to the individual needs of each customer. Compared to most electronic devices, it allows users to keep their hands free.

    • Galilean Telescopic Spectacles: G1.8, G2.2
    • Keplerian Telescopic Spectacles: K4 family
    • Magnification for distant objects: G2 Bioptics

Precise vision via precise optics.

ZEISS visual magnifying devices leverage highly precise optics, so even the smallest details can be seen clearly. This facilitates unrivalled optical results in the professional field. A few fractions of a millimetre can often mean the difference between success and failure. Customers value the benefits of magnifying optical systems that allow them to perform precise work with greater ease.

Telescopic Spectacles G 2.5 TTL combine the benefits of corrective eyewear with a telescope system

Individualised solutions.

Devices like the Telescopic Spectacles G 2.5 TTL combine the benefits of corrective eyewear with a telescope system, resulting in enhanced visual performance.

Customers’ hands are free for more flexibility and mobility.

The extensive product range from ZEISS offers many fitting possibilities tailored to the needs of the individual wearer.

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