ZEISS dental microscope and dental surgical microscopes
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ZEISS Surgical and Dental Microscopes

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The legendary ZEISS optics of the surgical and dental microscopes allow you to visualize details and fine structures that are otherwise difficult to see therefore enhancing the quality of your examination and treatment in all dental disciplines. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of ZEISS dental microscopes helps prevent back and neck pain.

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Dental microscope ZEISS EXTARO 300


The dental microscope  provides breakthrough visualization modes that introduce new applications to microdentistry. It is poised to revolutionize and differentiate your practice with: Augmented Visualization, Digital Patient Communication and Single-Handed Operation.
EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS – Perfecting your art.

OPMI PROergo, a dental surgical microscope for ergonomic dentistry


OPMI pico, a dental surgical microscope for microdentistry


Enhance your view. Advance your practice.

… did you know?

  • over 900%

    improved visual performance.1

  • over 70%

    of dentists suffer musculoskeletal disorders.2

  • over 75%

    of dentists said a microscope had a positive effect on their neck and back pain.3

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    Eichenberger M, et al. Visual acuity of dentists under simulated clinical conditions. Clin Oral Invest 2013;17:725-729.

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