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Change for success! Game changers in my cataract and corneal refractive practice

5 May 2023 · 55 min watch
Author Florian Kretz, MD Precise Vision, Rheine, Germany
Author Sheetal Brar, MD Nethradhama Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India
Author Nic Reus, MD Amphia Hospital, Breda, Netherlands
Author Miguel Amaro, MD Hospital CUF, Lisbon, Portugal

Change for success! Game changers in my cataract and corneal refractive practice

Watch this symposium and listen to your colleagues as they discuss which new technologies they have implemented and why it was worthwhile to adopt to new workflows in their practices.

Chapter 1 – Florian Kretz, MD: Opening “The changing face of ophthalmology” [0:00 - 07:15]
Florian Kretz opens the session discussing how ophthalmic surgery has evolved in recent years due to advances in technology. He illuminates the digital transformation of his practice and the advantages he experiences in his daily routine.

Chapter 2 – Sheetal Brar, MD: “Faster than ever? Lenticule creation in less than 10 seconds” [7:16 - 19:14]
Sheetal Brar shares her workflow experiences and clinical findings using the new VISUMAX® 800 from ZEISS in her practice. The clear game changer for her is faster lenticule creation compared to lenticule creation with VisuMax® from ZEISS due to the faster laser source. In her practice, it does not just result in less suction loss but is also a strong argument for patients to decide for lenticule extraction.

Chapter 3 – Florian Kretz, MD: “A presbyopia treatment for every patient?” [19:15 - 30:54]
Florian Kretz talks about his reasons for adding PRESBYOND as a corneal refractive surgery approach to the portfolio in his practice for managing presbyopic patients. He explains how important it is to choose the right treatment approach for the individual patient and why therefore the extension of his portfolio was a real game changer.

Chapter 4 – Nic Reus, MD: “More focus on patients thanks to my streamlined cataract workflow” [30:55 - 43:06]
Streamlining the cataract workflow with digital tools is one of the game changing factors for Nic Reus. He highlights his clinic routine of IOL calculation, IOL selection, and surgery before and after the introduction of the seamlessly connected surgical planning tool EQ Workplace® from ZEISS and shows the benefits for him in terms of efficiency in patient management.

Chapter 5 – Miguel Amaro, MD: “All information at my fingertips – A new ‘era’ of integrated cataract workflow with latest phaco technology” [43:07 - end]
What does a phaco machine need to be capable of in today’s digital era? In his talk Miguel Amaro addresses this question and explains how the QUATERA® 700 from ZEISS fits these needs. He also explains why the implementation of the latest phaco technology is therefore a game changer for his routine in the OR. Using case presentations, he also illuminates why the ZEISS QUATERA 700’s new fluidics system makes a difference for him.


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