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Myth or Reality? “Digitalization enhances your cataract surgery”

7 November 2022 · 62 min watch
Author Oliver Findl, MD Vienna Institute for Research and Ocular Surgery, Hanusch Hospital Vienna, Austria
Author Wolfgang J. Mayer, MD University Eye Hospital Munich, Germany
Author Liem Trinh, MD CHNO des Quinze-Vingts Paris, France
Author Nic Reus, MD Amphia Hospital, Breda, Netherlands
Author Supriya Sriganesh, MD Nethradhama Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India

Myth or reality: “Digitalization enhances your cataract surgery”

Use the opportunity and watch this symposium to take part in your peers' discussions on whether and how digitalization really improves their pre-, intra- and post-operative cataract workflow and learn from their real-life clinical cases and experiences.

Chapter 1 – Oliver Findl, MD: “Features and advantages of my digital cataract surgery process”
Time: 0:00 – 11:17
Oliver Findl is sharing his insight on how the step to a digitally connected workflow and pre-operative surgery planning with ZEISS EQ Workplace optimized the workflow in his clinic towards more safety. In his presentation he is sharing a lively demonstration of the digital tool and illuminate his daily workflow.
Chapter 2 – Wolfgang J. Mayer, MD: Digitalization = Efficiency? Comprehensive study results
Time: 11:18 – 21:31
Wolfgang Mayer is sharing his clinical results on how digitalization and streamlined workflows can enhance efficiency pre- and intraoperatively, but also affects surgical outcomes. In addition, he is providing his insight on the importance of post-operative evaluation to further improve.
Chapter 3 – Liem Trinh, MD: New to the workflow: digitally connected phaco device
Time: 21:32 – 30:18
As last puzzle piece, Liem Trinh added the ZEISS QUATERA 700 to his digital workflow. He demonstrates how he benefits from the digitally connected phaco device and shares his pearls on how to implement the complete digital workflow in his practice and routine.
Chapter 4 – Nic Reus, MD: QUATERA 700 – more than just a digitally connected phaco device
Time: 30:19 – 47:18
Nic Reus introduces the ZEISS QUATERA 700 and the paradigm shift in phacoemulsification and fluidic systems enabled by the ZEISS patented QUATTRO pump. He also shares case videos to illustrate the performance of this technology.
Chapter 5 – Supriya Sriganesh, MD: Is there room for Artificial Intelligence in improving my surgical skills?
Time: 47:19 – End
Supriya Sriganesh is introducing her experiences with a new AI-based application, ZEISS Surgery Optimizer, that is created to simplify the access and review of surgical videos. In her presentation, she is illuminating how the application allows her to compare her videos with a database of expert videos and she is providing tips and tricks for her peers on how to use this application to improve their surgical skills.

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