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  • Visual Certainty
  • Seamless Performance
  • Integrated Connectivity

Designed for demanding microsurgery

With your constantly evolving challenges in mind, we reimagined the iconic PENTERO® platform for today’s digital age – to support you in elevating your microsurgical interventions to yet another level. The Advanced Visualization System assists you during surgery for increased efficiency and effectiveness by offering Visual Certainty with extended optical capabilities, Seamless Performance with reinvented interactions, and Integrated Connectivity with leading digital solutions.

ZEISS PENTERO 800 S Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Visual Certainty

with extended optical capabilities

During microsurgical interventions, detailed and immediate visual information on the anatomy is key to achieve the best outcome for your patients.

ZEISS PENTERO 800 S provides you with Visual Certainty at each step of the surgical procedure. It combines a fully integrated 4K 3D camera system with excellent ZEISS optics and further extends your surgical view with refined resolution, enhanced depth of field, and around-the-corner perspectives. For a consistently clear view on the detailed anatomy.

Get deeper insights – ZEISS PENTERO 800 S

  • ZEISS PENTERO 800 S Digital Hybrid Visualization

    Surgical team working exoscopically while wearing 3D glasses from ZEISS

    Digital Hybrid Visualization

    Switch between exoscopic and optical mode

    ZEISS PENTERO 800 S enables you to leverage the benefits of an exoscope with 4K 3D resolution while still having access to the proven optics of an operating microscope at any time. With our unique hybrid approach, you can easily switch between digital and optical visualization during the procedure.

    This gives you the full flexibility to choose your preferred method for optimized team communication, ergonomic posture, and free movement. All while relying on excellent image quality with unrestricted depth information in every mode.

  • How does Digital Hybrid Visualization work?

    The ZEISS PENTERO 800 S is available with an integrated 4K 3D camera, which captures a video stream that is displayed live on the device monitor and can be additionally shown on an external 4K 3D monitor. When switching from ocular view to monitor view, the microscope head can be moved upwards or angled to the side, utilizing the full working distance. Switch to monitor mode on the device interface to quickly optimize the optical settings for exoscopic work.

    The surgical team wears 3D glasses from ZEISS to get a clear view with accurate depth perception via the screen. The video stream can be mirrored on a second 4K 3D monitor to match orientation of the surgical team with respect to the patient position. It is also possible to use ocular and digital mode at the same time.

  • Extend your surgical view in deep corridors with Depth+


    for enhanced depth of field

    Spend less time on repeatedly adjusting focus and zoom when performing surgery in deep anatomical structures and corridors under moderate to high magnification. For example, during a minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF), instant visual information on different anatomical layers is key to an efficient and safe procedure.

    With the new Depth+ mode, you can further increase depth of field for a higher resolution in the outer area of your current focal point. Enabling you to see everything in your field of view sharply with just a click – whenever you need it.

  • Standard mode
    Depth+ mode
    Comparison of Standard mode and Depth+ mode

    Depth+ case example

    Anterior cervical decompression surgery

    Compare the images of Standard mode and the Depth+ mode of the decompression surgery (anterior cervical spine surgery C3 - C4) and experience the difference in the depth of field. Thanks to the new Depth+ mode, the focus is on both the disc space and the anterior wall.

  • Look around corners with ZEISS QEVO for additional reassurance during surgery


    The Micro-Inspection Tool

    When working with a surgical microscope in minimally invasive procedures, your view is limited to a straight line of sight – missing critical information behind tissue or corners.

    With the unique Micro-Inspection Tool QEVO® from ZEISS, you can eliminate these blind spots in the microsurgical view and effectively look around corners. Whenever needed, plug it in to your ZEISS PENTERO 800 S to get an immediate endoscopic view on the anatomy without increasing the surgical footprint.

    Providing efficient access to additional visual information – for greater certainty during your procedures.

  • ZEISS QEVO in a spinal cyst resection surgery

    ZEISS QEVO case example

    Spinal cyst resection surgery

    Watch the video from the perspective of the Micro-Inspection Tool – ZEISS QEVO and follow the surgeon's check after the resection of a cyst for adhesions up to the anterior spinal artery.

  • ZEISS QEVO can assist you during surgery

    Spinal applications where ZEISS QEVO can assist you during surgery:

    • During intradural spinal tumor cases, you can look around the spinal cord for additional inspection of areas that are not visualized by the operating microscope’s direct line of sight.
    • During a thoracolumbar corpectomy, you can inspect the outcome of removing parts of the intervertebral discs or bone.
    • In spinal fusion surgery, you can use ZEISS QEVO to inspect the cage, the spinal dura, and the nerve root by visualizing hidden areas behind the cage.
    • In cases with minimal access, such as extreme lumbar interbody fusion (XLIF) or anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF), you can use ZEISS QEVO to look around the corner.
  • Refined resolution for an unprecedented level of surgical precision

    Resolution Enhancer

    for demanding reconstructive surgery

    When performing surgery on delicate anatomical structures, such as during a lymphaticovenous anastomosis (LVA), even the smallest details can make a huge difference.

    ZEISS PENTERO 800 S assists you in performing such procedures with more confidence by delivering additional clarity on submillimeter level. Just attach the unique Resolution Enhancer to the microscope head and instantly get 60% higher magnification and 50% higher resolution with at least 120 lp/mm1. Thereby, you can zoom in closer on the application at hand and at the same time increase image quality to reliably visualize even the smallest details (submillimeter vessels).

  • How does the Resolution Enhancer work?

    The Resolution Enhancer is stored right with your ZEISS PENTERO 800 S. Prior to procedures where additional magnification and resolution are required, it can be easily mounted underneath the microscope head by inserting it into the rail and fasten the built-in screw. On the device interface, you are prompted to balance the operating microscope by starting the AutoBalance function.

    The Resolution Enhancer must be equipped before draping the visualization system. SMARTDRAPE® from ZEISS also fits with the Resolution Enhancer attached to the ZEISS PENTERO 800 S.

ZEISS PENTERO 800 S Seamless Performance

Seamless Performance

with reinvented interactions

For an outstanding performance, every move must be spot on – every day, case after case. Therefore, an intuitive handling and repositioning of the operating microscope is key to maintain constant focus on the patient and application at hand.

For the ZEISS PENTERO 800 S, we have optimized every device interaction alongside your clinical workflows and attuned it to your intuition. Combining the new user interface with the characteristic weightless movability of the PENTERO system, it becomes your trusted partner for real efficiency and seamless collaboration in the OR in no time.

Get in the flow – ZEISS PENTERO 800 S

Weightless movability of the ZEISS PENTERO 800 S

Effortless handling

to spend less time on each case

Especially in minimally invasive spine surgery, the visualization system must be frequently repositioned to get the best view for each step of the procedure. ZEISS PENTERO 800 S supports you in the process and seamlessly adapts to your movements. With our proven contraves stand system, moving the device feels completely weightless, so you can maneuver it with less effort. Enabling a fast and precise repositioning in all directions.

At the same time, ZEISS PENTERO 800 S provides excellent stability for a steady view on delicate anatomy even under high magnification levels.

Clinical staff changing handgrip settings on user interface

Well organized and easy-to-use interface

Intuitive user interface

An optimized usability makes all the difference for your OR team to efficiently operate the visualization system and work with higher autonomy.

ZEISS PENTERO 800 S comes with a modern and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) on a high-definition touch screen. Thereby, you and your team can quickly change settings such as light intensity or handgrip configuration with just the click of a button. Accelerating the process to onboard new users and saving time spent on routine tasks during each case.

The extra in efficiency

ZEISS PENTERO 800 S offers a comprehensive set of extra functions and accessories to provide you with the best possible support throughout the clinical workflow – from OR preparation to performing surgery to case documentation.

  • ZoomMemory


    Switch back and forth between the current zoom level and additional zoom with just the click of a button.

  • SMARTDRAPE and AutoDrape

    SMARTDRAPE and AutoDrape

    Simply activate AutoDrape® to automatically evacuate the air from the sterile drape within seconds.

  • AutoBalance image


    Automatically balance the surgical microscope to enable a fast setup and optimum mobility, even when draped.

  • Mouth switch image

    Mouth switch

    Whether by touchscreen, handgrips, or mouth switch, the intuitive operation is designed for maximum ease of use.

  • Wireless foot control panel

    Wireless foot control panel

    Conveniently control up to 14 different surgical microscope functions with the wireless foot control panel.

  • Dynamic foldable tube

    Dynamic foldable tube

    Highly flexible and height adjustable, the Foldable Tube f170/f260 provides both surgeons and assistants with enhanced ergonomics and viewing comfort.

ZEISS PENTERO 800 S Integrated Connectivity

Integrated Connectivity

with leading digital solutions

Surgical information management today involves processing large amounts of data, from patient information to device settings to clinical recordings. Especially in your day-to-day routine with the operating microscope, being able to easily transfer and use the data instantly across systems is essential for smooth and efficient processes.

ZEISS PENTERO 800 S enables you to access leading digital solutions from ZEISS to simplify data management and facilitate peer collaboration and education. Integrate apps such as ZEISS Surgical Cloud and ZEISS Livestream in your daily routine to effectively store, share, and stream your clinical cases directly from the device. All while connecting seamlessly into your existing workflows and infrastructure.

Get connected – ZEISS PENTERO 800 S

  • Simplified patient data management

    Simplified patient data management

    Efficient data management has never been easier. With the ZEISS Surgical Cloud, you can directly and securely store images and videos captured throughout surgery in a central digital location. Neatly organized on the ZEISS PENTERO 800 S interface, you can browse the recordings for each patient and automatically synchronize them with the cloud.

    Via the intuitive web application, you can easily access and share your data at anytime from anywhere. Not only simplifying patient and peer communication, but also paving the way for efficient documentation processes.

  • Broadcast your expertise

    Teach the next generation of surgeons and stand out at scientific congresses. With the ZEISS PENTERO 800 S, there are several ways to extend your reach in education and research.

    • ZEISS Livestream enables you to effectively stream your surgical procedure to anyone around the world in real time. Simply schedule the live surgery of an interesting case and send out invitation links to your remote participants.
    • Leverage the exoscopic capabilities to share your surgical procedures with a wider audience. No matter if you are in an operating room or classroom, let larger groups of students and residents follow your every step on an external monitor – now in 4K 3D to share the same high-resolution, three-dimensional view that you have during surgery.
    • Record case videos in 4K (Ultra HD) quality to capture and share detailed procedures in even higher resolution.
  • Contemporary connections

    To unleash the full potential of efficient workflows, your visualization system must natively connect with your existing hospital infrastructure and devices.

    The ZEISS PENTERO 800 S comes with state-of-the-art software and offers integrated interfaces to all common hospital systems. For instance, choose your preferred method for documentation and transfer patient files either via DICOM, shared folder networks, or fast USB. In addition, you can now take advantage of improved device uptime and availability through ZEISS Smart Services.

    Building a network of connected devices, operating rooms, and hospitals – centered around you.

First impressions of the ZEISS PENTERO 800 S

  • Watch leading experts sharing their experiences about Visual Certainty

    Digital Hybrid Visualization, Depth+, ZEISS QEVO, Resolution Enhancer

  • Watch leading experts sharing their experiences about Seamless Performance

    Effortless handling, Intuitive user interface

  • Watch leading experts sharing their experiences about Integrated Connectivity

    ZEISS Surgical Cloud, ZEISS Livestream, Contemporary connections

ZEISS Virtual Experience Showroom Pentero 800s
ZEISS Virtual Experience Showroom Pentero 800s

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    To differentiate anatomical structures under high magnification, you need to differentiate between the different pixels captured by the visualization system. Just the number of pixels is not sufficient since lighter and darker pixels might not be seen separately if they are next to each other. Specifying resolution by spatial frequency, defined by the number of light and dark line pairs per millimeter (lp/mm) at a given contrast, is thus a more precise measure to evaluate how much information on fine anatomical structures is provided by the visualization system.

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    Corpectomy application image: Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Oliver N. Hausmann, Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna, Lucerne, Switzerland

  • 3

    Lymphovenous anastomosis application image: Courtesy of Dr. Christian Taeger, Private Clinic, Munich, Germany

  • 4

    Anterior cervical spine surgery C3 – C4 image: Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Claudius Thomé, Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria

  • 5

    Lymphovenous anastomosis application image: Courtesy of Dr. Christian Taeger, Private Clinic, Munich, Germany

  • 6

    Spinal cyst resection surgery image: Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Claudius Thomé, Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria

  • 7

    Anterior cervical interbody fusion application image: Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Oliver N. Hausmann, Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna, Lucerne, Switzerland