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Tackling the wave of digitalization

ENT surgery is complex, generating millions of data points during every procedure. Including pre-op about 1 million data points are generated per ENT surgery. Managing data is rich with potential benefits. For example, analyzing and modeling data captured in the OR could help predict workflow and optimize OR efficiency.¹⁻² It could support future decision-making, drive quality improvements in surgery, and consequently improve patient outcomes.¹⁻³

Data can play a central role in surgical education, through live broadcasts, digital recordings, simulations, or to guide active learning of surgical skills.¹⁻³ Data is also key for transparency, a powerful driver of better healthcare quality.⁴

The most important technological feature which is now coming up is that we have a good process of data processing. The data which can be collected during the surgery is useful for the discussion with the patients.

Prof. Oliver Kaschke

Sankt Gertrauden Clinic, Berlin, Germany

Surgical visualization systems designed for advanced data management

Today’s OR is a high-tech environment, generating a large volume of data from different sources and in different formats. You need your OR devices and equipment to be connected and integrated within the overall hospital IT infrastructure, so that data can be fully analyzed. You also need access to data storage and back-up that is simple, secure, and easily accessible. And you need secure connectivity with your external devices and systems, so that data can be accessed outside the hospital.

Today’s surgical visualization systems not only provide advanced visualization but are also designed to overcome the problems associated with data management, simplifying the process of data capture, processing and connectivity. TIVATO® 700 and EXTARO® 300 support to overcome the challenges related to data management.


The fully integrated visualization system ZEISS TIVATO 700 understands the daily workload in ENT surgery and enhances usability by:

  • Workflow-Enhancing Visualization
  • Ultimate Reach & Flexibility
  • All-Digital

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